If you’ve been following my instagram HERE you’ll know that I frequently rock long gowns to winter weddings.

It’s something about sleek glamorous silhouettes that seem apropos for a sit-down dinner of 10-courses with bottomless toasting of bubbly in-between. Dressing for the occasion could get a bit tricky when I am merely a plus one where I’m neither friends nor family with the married couple.
My mantra for wedding wear in these cases:
The closer the acquaintance, the longer the length.

Thank god for my trusty Zara sequin shift. Can you believe I thrifted this beauty at my local Goodwill? One man’s trash becomes my total treasure honey!

The formula: Bold color + Cocktail length + Bling Bling= One haute ensemble!

How do you navigate the treacherous waters of what to wear at weddings???




  1. I just saw this on instagram and came right over to the blog to see the whole spread. Love!

  2. Such a rich gorg green shade! I love your hair and heels! I just ordered my first hair curler…can't wait to use it!

  3. Wowzers! No way that is thrifted! I like your wedding rule " The closer the acquaintance the longer the hemline" … lol

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