I snagged this little glittery vintage paillette party top from the Long Beach flea just a few Sundays ago.

There she was, glistening and gleaming in the midst of a commercial garment rack jammed in between polyester pant suits and other sequin thingamajigs just waiting for someone to love her.
Thank God that someone was me as I shrieked out a heart-happy “Hellllllllo luvahhhh!” in my best Carrie Bradshaw impersonation as I snatched her up before anyone else caught wind of her amazing glory!…Rows upon rows of shimmering shiny specs, singularly hand-stitched and sewn right onto a form-fitting 70’s dolman-type sweater. Almost untouched by time and unfazed by the sea of wandering lookie-loos at the flea.
{Vintage paillettes knit sweater from Long Beach Flea Market (Second Sundays of the month, similar HERE), H&M lace pants (old, similar HERE), Mint Green scarf purchased from Paris vendor (similar HERE and HERE), BCBGirls ombre pumps (old), Marshall’s pink leather clutch (similar HERE)}
Oman I could see her making many cameos at fancy-schmancy shindigs this entire season…backyard bbq fêtes (pictured above)…quick trips to the market…walking the dog…picking up poop…ahhhh imagine the possibilities! Hey man, who says you have to save the “special” pieces for something “special” right?


  1. wow wow wow you look so absolutely beautiful! so classy 🙂


  2. love your scarf!! The color is amazing!! Very nice tattoo also!! I am a cancer as well 🙂

  3. What an amazing find! I've never been to the Long Beach flea market! Maybe I will have to go now though!


  4. I love everything about this outfit.
    Perfect! I love the mint scarf


  5. OMG I love all that mint..your nails, your scarf etc. And thank you so much for visiting my blog. Congrats on your two years!!

  6. Julie….hellllllo lover!!!! We know that line!!! Very well actually…everytime we do damage or see a pair of shoes we NEEEED!!! hahaa! I love that sequin cardigan! It's outta this world COOOOOOOL!!!! And it reminds me of Mother of Pearl treasure. A+++mazzzzing piece!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


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  8. The mint scarf and the bag looks good together.

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and it was so sweet of you to leave me a message too. Yes I enjoyed LA And indeed had a blast =)

  9. Hey dear,
    first of all, what a lovely outfit you have on and you're such a pretty girl! Second of all love your blog and you're tattoo!! And third.. Thanks for the long comment, I love reading comments like that!
    Your style is amazing..


  10. what a lovely blog darling! youve got a great style!! love love love! following you now! if you can follow me back i would be very happy! kisses! and have a nice weekend!

  11. Oh my goodness hun, I cant believe you snaffled up that little number at a flea market! What a COMPLETE score. Really quite afdore your outfit too. Matching it with the lace trousers is just lovely ^_^

    Eeli xx

  12. Looking so pretty dear! Your top is wonderful and u styled it so good with lace pants! Clutch and shoes are gorgeous addition!!!
    Happy Friday, kisses!

  13. Julie you totally rock this look. And yes everyday should be a "special" one.
    Loving the colour combo!!

  14. This entire outfit looks EXPENSIVE!! You are so pretty. I love the soft color combinations. The scarf and your bag are particularly beautiful.

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend! xoxo

  15. Well hello my fellow Long Beach-er! Thanks for your comment on the blog! You need to fill me in on where this Flea Market is…we should totally meet up there! Have you been to the pile sale at La Bomba on 4th Street? It's my favorite place in the whole world…we need to go there, too! XOXO.

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