I can still hear the rhythmic melody of Cantonese locutions drumming in my ears.
Horns honk, taxis zip by and throngs of people litter the streets singing the story of their lives from morning to midnight. As soon as we stepped foot off the bus that transported us from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, we were immediately immersed in not only a different country, but an entirely different state of mind.

The Vibe

Where China’s sluggish vibe had me depressed to an apathetic stupor for the first few days of the trip, I found Hong Kong’s street hustle so energetic I fist pumped my way through the next 5 days. You can take the girl outta the city, but you can’t take the city outta the girl y’all! This is why I’m convinced I must live the downtown lifestyle ONCE in my life, if just for a moment. Preferably in Paris, but Hong Kong will do ;D
Here’s how the first 48 hours went down…

On the largest street intersection of Kowloon Bay, the vibe is just like NYC, except ALL Asians lol

Their beauty department store Sasa is Asia’s version of Sephora

TONS of samples to try on, don’t mind if I do!

Navigating the aisles of Asian beauty products, can’t find these in the states honey!

Next stop: Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong’s bar hopping/clubbing scene
Peeps take escalators or traverse the stairs to get to the dozen streets that bars and restaurants are located on

Taking a minute to “Open Rice” (aka Yelp) the next spot to get our party on

Street walking takes on new meaning in Lan Kwai Fong, no can do heels here, accident waiting to happen, especially with booze!

These corridors stay packed from dinnertime well into the early am!

A 2-story bar with local graffiti, very urban cool

It’s ALL about the expats in this part of town; Europeans, Aussies, Americans, you name it, the entire world can be found in just one area of Hong Kong

Gangnam Style! hahaha these little battery-operated figurines flashed every passer-by to the beat of EDM

Rocking a Forever 21 tunic and Louis Vuitton Speedy

Everywhere you turn another bar, another tunnel you take to get there!

They even design architectural seating areas to rest your feet, brilliant!

Ending a full night of bar hopping with my babes

Ready to tackle a day of street shopping and eating my way through HK

Street food consists of everything from fried tofu and fish balls to noodles and rice

A Hong Kong local ordering her snacks, I just copied what she got ;D

Fried squid can be smelled from a mile away!…yummm

Meatball come to mama!

Fa Yuen street market

My go-to caffeine for the trip: YuanYang a combo of hot black coffee mixed with milk tea

Streets are busy even on a weekday!

My happy place is the flea, local or international, I always find my way!

Artwork and T-shirts sold at a hundred different vendors

Hong Kong peeps on their daily grind

Street juicery fresh-squeezing all types of fruit

Dim Sum to end a full afternoon of shopping

When day markets are clearly not enough, they’ve got NIGHT markets too! woohoo!!!

Love all the silk lined pochettes and coin purses

Temple Street Market sells souvenirs and trinkets

As well as dozens of vendor stalls for street food

Tong Tai Seafood Restaurant is the largest on the strip, first come-first served seating

They keep their seafood right there on the streets

Ganbei luvahs!

A hearty meal of meat, seafood, veggies, and fried rice

Neon signs light the way

Ending another fabulous night in Hong Kong
TUNE IN later this week for Part II of my Hong Kong Photo Diary and you won’t wanna miss Food Porn Friday’s taste of Hong Kong extravaganza!!!




  1. Sooo freaking awesome Julie!!! I'm so damn jealous! I wish I was in that Sasa and was left there for half the day! Trust me I'll empty out my account! The dim sum and street food looks amazing! i just love how hong kong is so colorful and full of life!

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