Continuation of 5 fabulous days in Hong Kong…

One of the main reasons for our excursion- Houseware/Home Textiles/ and Furnishings convention

Causeway Bay, home of the multi-mega-malls on Hong Kong Island

One of the most renowned Hakata-style ramen joints with individual booth dining- so cool!

Selfie style in my lunch box!

Soooo decadent, I need to track something like this down in the states

Another shopping district with signage spanning the entire street

Snack break! A little Laduree, a little Pierre Herme, and tons of local bites found at the neighborhood 7/11

I love how tiny the streets are- perfect for pedestrians even though vehicles still traverse through these alleys

What the lobby of a 7k USD/month penthouse apartment looks like

with its accompanying 8ft wide chandelier- so luxe!

The view from said apartment…you can see all of Hong Kong’s skyline from 28 floors above ground level- can you imagine waking up to this every morning? Talk about posh!

A traditional Singaporean dinner ‘cuz I was craving something other than Chinese!

Junk boat sighting on Victoria Harbour

The reflection of all the neon lights in the harbour- a beautifully serene scene, you can really lose yourself in thought here

Avenue of the stars at night, these kiosks showcase a bit of Hong Kong film history

Jet Li’s star and hand print taken from superfan aka le bf

The promenade…Victoria Harbour on the left, Hong Kong Museum of Art on the right

Clock tower and reflection pool makes for a great resting spot, loving all the modern architecture here

One of the only clear shots taken on the harbour, it was so misty that night I was lucky to have a handful to post

Sadly my iPhone even took some better shots than the pro cam as the fog rolls in…

Dim Sum for days!…We made a point to try several different locations to sample the variety

One of my FAVE ways to acquaint yourself with the city is by walking it

Much to the boys’ chagrin, we took a side trip to Kowloon Park on our way to the local Bruce Lee exhibit.

Part park, part zoo- loving that you can see all the skyscapers in the background- reminds me a bit of Central Park NYC

BBQ goose is all the rage in Hong Kong, they prefer it to duck since the meat is known to be leaner

More street market shopping! My FAVE…

Shopping for last-minute souvenirs before our journey back to Guangzhou

The rainstorm was coming in during our last day there, gloomy, yet somehow still gorge

Chilly weather calls for hot noodle soup! Looks dirty but this was one of the most highly rated Mom-and-Pop joints on “Open Rice”…friggin’ AMAZING! The locals KNOW their food man

When in Hong Kong…Karaoke! Falalallallalalalal…..

Peace out HK! It’s been REAL- Can’t wait to see you again!


Thank you for following along the journey y’all.  Hope this diary gives you a small glimpse into life in Hong Kong.
See the vast difference between HK and China? Which would you prefer to visit???




  1. Amazing post Julie! I love love seeing these posts! The food just made me soooo envious! The noodles with beef, the dim sum, the claypot glass noodles! OOO and why is that SASA sign SOOO BIG??! I'm soo jealous! I'd be in there and probably need to be left here alone for a whole day! So happy to see that you had such a great time! I hope to visit in the future!

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