Le hubs and I haven’t even been married for one year yet and we’re already finding fitting in date nights quite the challenge.

Especially during the holiday season when my social calendar is filled to the brim and doesn’t let up until well after New Year’s. Which is why, 12 years into this relationship, I make it a priority to schedule these dates like any other appointment I’ve got in the books.  Sure it may take the spontaneity out of our partnership, but when you’re this far along, we’ll take what we can get hunnies!

How to Split up the Planning

I have found that planning for these date nights becomes as much a chore as figuring out what to eat for our next meal.  Sure we can do dinner and a movie like we ALWAYS do but I’m sure there’s more to our hood than a tub of buttered popcorn and old faithful.  I’ve come to rely on our coupled friends to help make these decisions so we can make date nights as much a group outing as one-on-ones.  That way, everyone takes their turn and plans for the entire group, which takes the pressure off of you!  Win-win!

Here’s a list of some of my TOP date night ideas during the holidays guys!

Makes for some fabulous #ootn shots if you get into the spirit of dressing up and decking out!   ‘Cuz really, isn’t that half the fun when you finally get to bust out all the statement coats and LBD’s you’ve been hoarding just for the occasion?

Date Night Ideas

1.  New Restaurant Openings

We’ve been known to schedule date nights around new and notable restaurant openings.  It’s always festive, it’s always crowded, and makes you feel like a young girl again having to speak over the noise and into your hunnie’s ear.  Plus when it ends with a full and happy tummy, that’s #winning in my book.

2.  Christmas Boat Parade

With Newport Beach so close in proximity, the boat parade has become sort of an annual tradition in these parts.  Especially if you don’t live anywhere near the beach, making the trek becomes half the fun.  I like to watch from Balboa Village, bag the booze, don my fluffiest puffer, cuddle up close, and watch the beautiful boats cruise by.  It’s happening THIS WEEKEND guys so for more information VISIT THIS LINK.

3. Paint and Wine Night

I have yet to book a paint and wine night with le hubs but what’s better than throwing a bunch of color on a canvas while getting buzzed and laughing your asses off?  Especially when I can paint and he clearly cannot, lol.  That’ll be a riot even Improv can’t compare.

 4. Escape Rooms | Mystery Rooms

We recently found a slew of them popping up all over SoCal.  The horror themed ones are so friggin scary but I know that they’re the best.  It’s all about navigating around your heightened senses in a room you’re trying to “escape” with puzzles, mazes, and random paraphernalia with a mass murderer on the loose that can bust in at any time!  It’s SO exciting!  I found some deals on Groupon there’s not many) but try Cromwell Estate (Tustin) or the Ripper Room (Pomona) which also offers dinner beforehand.  We’ve only visited one but now we’re hooked and trying to round up the posse for more fun group date nights like these.

5.  Vegas

Need I say more?  Although it’s friggin cold AF, Sin City during Christmastime is one of my FAVE times of the year to go.  All the hotels and casinos are super decked out in holiday decorations which makes for THE perfect backdrop for drinking, debauchery, and more #ootn’s than le hubs can handle, lol.  Of course I can’t complain when my pictures turn out smashing as a result.  Plus it’s always so romantic to go with your boo instead of the usual party posse of 30+ peeps.  Gambling during the day, fancy dinners at night, followed by bar-hopping until your feet tap out and you’ve switched to flats as a result!  Doesn’t that just sound like the BEST.TIME.EVERRRRRR???

Reviving the Romance

You know over a decade later and these date nights always makes me fall in lalalLOVE with le hubs all over again.  It’s a chance to reconnect, away from the house, away from our daily responsibilities…

Something about putting your face on, dressing to the nines, holding hands in the cold, and warming up against a moonlit fire that just screams romance!  It’s really ALL about effort my loves and the minute you stop, you have to admit that he might too.

So what are you waiting for?
Pencil in that park stroll, reserve that coveted table, and get your passion on ‘cuz there’s no better time than TODAY!

Make this a monthly habit (at least) and watch your romance Richter shoot through the roof!   Seriously guys, I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like once kids come into the picture! Yikes!




  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia Reply

    Love the idea. It's very a very essential point to the relationship. Sometimes we let the chaos gets to us and we seem to forget the important thing in ourselves. It's a great reminder to make the best of what we have and more … 🙂
    Great post Julie. 🙂
    Merry Christmas. 🙂

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

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