The “How to Create Your Dream Space” series is finally here!

Thank you for all your feedback on my last Interior Design 101 video. It seems many are asking to get my process detailed and broken down so you feel empowered to design with confidence. 

If you are undergoing a whole house renovation or simply making over your favorite room in the home, join me for the next few weeks as I take you on a super detailed step-by-step guide to creating your dream space. One that functions better than you ever imagined, looks and feels like you, and most importantly supports your lifestyle and needs.


4:55 Curved Chaise Lounge | 5:00 Egg Chair & Ottoman | 5:05 Classic Chaise Lounge | 5:10 Modern Chaise Lounge | 5:21 Long Sectional | 5:25 Pop-Up Coffee Table | 5:30 Grey Sectional | 5:30 Curved coffee table | 5:30 White Chair | 5:35 3-Piece Chaise Sectional | 5:45 Wide Stand Buffet | 5:50 Modern Credenza | 6:00 Metallic Cabinet | 7:07 Wood Dining Table 



Catch up on the latest episodes in this series “How to Create Your Dream Space!”

Episode 1 | Determine the function of your space 

Episode 2 | Finding Your Style 

Episode 3 | How to Choose the Right Color Palette

Episode 4 | How to Measure and Scale your Room for the Right Furniture Fit 

Episode 5 | How to Source and Shop Online 

Episode 6 | How to Create a Digital Mood Board 

Episode 7 | What to Look for When Purchasing Big Ticket Furniture and Appliances

Episode 8 | How to Style Sofas, Beds, Fireplace Mantels, and More – Finishing Touches

Comment below if you have any questions on trying to figure out the “function” of your space!



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