Welcome to Palm Springs!

We hightailed it to the desert to celebrate my birthday and I knew I had to share this luxury rental with you! The designers did such an incredible job creating this modern desert oasis complete with killer furniture, a creative floor plan, and details that I want to steal for my own home! Watch all the way to the end so you can shop the look to inspire your next design!


Living Room

Curved Sofa – https://bit.ly/45hUfTz

Coffee Table – https://bit.ly/454KnfI

Nesting Coffee Tables – https://bit.ly/3OsKCua

Mirror – https://bit.ly/44UIDG2

Accent Chair – https://bit.ly/45fgzgC

Area Rug- https://bit.ly/3DCYFbP

Dining Room/ Coffee Station

Dining Side Chairs – https://bit.ly/3YkkPJb

Dining Head Chairs https://bit.ly/3OoKEDg

Dining Head Chairs https://bit.ly/3Op3MRI

Dining Table – https://bit.ly/45aNLWm

Pendant Light – https://bit.ly/3OGuNBx

Artwork- https://bit.ly kk/3KqzXip

Hutch – https://bit.ly/3OmsceN

Backsplash Tile- https://bit.ly/3Oq8Bub

Pendant Light – https://bit.ly/3OrhCDb

Lounge 1

Area Rug – https://bit.ly/3KsTAX8

Coffee Table- https://bit.ly/3oqHnHx

Accent Chair- https://bit.ly/440b5VD

Accent Chair- https://bit.ly/47lhE8r

Leather Sofa- https://bit.ly/3Ksa5Tg

Lounge 2

Leather Sofa- https://bit.ly/3KnNxTO

Accent Chair- https://bit.ly/44S53rH

Area Rug- https://bit.ly/3s1TsaF

Side Table- https://bit.ly/45wFlZN

Side Table- https://bit.ly/3Oin7UJ

Billiard Table- https://bit.ly/3qiJQbg

Artwork- https://bit.ly/441NlAt

Floor Lamp – https://bit.ly/3DJHKV5

Primary Bedroom

Bed- https://bit.ly/3rZlWSD

Nightstand- https://bit.ly/45fsv1U

Table Lamp- https://bit.ly/3DDiEqR

Wall Sconce- https://bit.ly/3DEPY0u

Bench- https://bit.ly/3rUaxDI

Sofa- https://bit.ly/3rRiObf

Coffee Table- https://bit.ly/3rWulpY

Accent Chair- https://bit.ly/3ql1uuX

Dresser- https://bit.ly/3qedeiV

Area Rug- https://bit.ly/3OpfoUO

Mirror- https://bit.ly/3YAA2pX

Media Console- https://bit.ly/45f9xIz

A-Frame Bedroom

Area Rug #1- https://bit.ly/43Wt13H

Bed- https://bit.ly/3OGa0Oz

Nightstand- https://bit.ly/3qhiDpg

Table Lamp #1- https://bit.ly/3OoB5Ep

Table Lamp #2- https://bit.ly/3DGiAqa

Coffee Table- https://bit.ly/3qfEVI9

Sofa #1- https://bit.ly/3Yo4x1T

Sofa #2- https://bit.ly/47vb6Ei

Area Rug #2- https://bit.ly/3rZ8Tk8

Stool- https://bit.ly/3QuKHAf

Console Table- https://bit.ly/45ctsYH

Accent Chair- https://bit.ly/3DJNxKa

Artwork- https://bit.ly/3OJnpFt


Accent Chair- https://bit.ly/3OhhcPI

Desk- https://bit.ly/44V4hds

Artwork- https://bit.ly/45cdwFN

Artwork- https://bit.ly/45jSIMJ

Artwork- https://bit.ly/44000E0

Area Rug- https://bit.ly/3Qux8AO

Area Rug- https://bit.ly/3KuWACt

End of Bed Bench- https://bit.ly/44bOsOt

Media Console- https://bit.ly/451CDvu

Throw Pillow- https://bit.ly/3Yq9SpM

Throw Pillow- https://bit.ly/3Om6ebQ

Throw Pillow- https://bit.ly/3OJNUuD

Throw Pillow- https://bit.ly/3DHiApN

Throw Pillow- https://bit.ly/3QszYX5

Throw Pillow- https://bit.ly/47hqMe9

Throw Pillow- https://bit.ly/3Qv1iUz

Throw Pillow- https://bit.ly/3OGpTEy

Tell me, what is your favorite detail from this luxury home tour?



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