You never really have any control over your life, even as much as you’d like to think you do.

Coming from a completely OCD mindset, that’s a tough pill to swallow especially for those Type A personalities like myself.   Just when you think you have it all together, the universe drop kicks you right in the jaw and karate chops your neck just for effect.
Seriously. How are you ever going to recover?

Surround Yourself with Positive People

You are who you hang around with. That’s a fact.  If you surround yourself with pessimistic people who love to wallow in their misery, chances are your mindset is going to veer in the direction of negativity as well. Positive people see the positive side to everything.  They jump at the opportunity to fail, because behind every successful failure is an accomplishment waiting to happen.
The tricky part however is discerning those who’ve had a bad day versus those who breathe in discouragement.  It’s really easy to make the distinction guys.   Consider how you felt the last time you hung out with them?  Were you inspired, motivated, and ready to take on just about anything?   Or did you leave feeling defeated, jaded, and just plain unenthusiastic about your current situation in
Understanding the difference between those who have toxic energy and those who are always encouraging will help you determine that fine line between friend or foe.


It’s no secret that exercise releases endorphins. You know that rush of euphoric high you get from sweating it out and releasing the toxic energy?  Yes, you need to be chasing those feelings down all day, every day if you can.  30 minutes daily is recommended but since I’ve adopted exercise as part of my lifestyle routine, I’ve come to look forward to these sessions as a surefire way to feel fantastic no matter what my mood when I started.  No one EVER regrets going to the gym.

Get Some Fresh Air

Even if you can’t make time for a balls out, teeth grinding hour-long sweat sesh, at least get outside for a few minutes.  Go for a walk, take deep breaths, count to ten and try to quiet your inner mind.  Figure out what is really irking you deep inside.  You CANNOT try to do this in a closed off space guys.  Fresh air dispels the dust from your thoughts and helps to clear the foggiest of doubts and inner delusion.  I find that when left to my own devices, I’m usually quite ok.  It’s only when I allow people and their opinions to pervade my thoughts do I find myself sinking in a pool of despair.  So get out there, get some sun on your face, fresh air in your lungs, and just be at one with nature.  Ommmmmmmmm…..

Wear Color

Having previously discussed the psychology of color in this post HERE, you understand how colors can affect your mood.  Both in a positive way and definitely in negative ways as well.  Have you ever noticed how dark rooms instantly make you feel a bit closed in, claustrophobic, introspective even?  Well, the same rings true for light and bright spaces.
The boost of color incites feelings of openness, excitement, and joy.  The brighter the color (whites, reds, yellows), the happier you’ll feel.  When I’m having a bad day and am scheduled to meet people, the first thing I do is put on a bold red lip.  Instant mood enhancer even in small doses and the shock of color fools everyone into thinking you’re doing great!  First fool them, then fool yourself. Then eventually you’ll be mesmerized by how fabulous you look you won’t even remember what got you so down in the first place! Lol Works every time ;D


Duster Jacket: c/o Zaful
Choker Top: c/o Zaful
Bottom: H&M
Sunglasses: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Bag: Vintage Chanel
Ahhhh the mind is a tricky thing, best if you’re the master and your body, the puppet.   I believe that adopting a positive mindset can have exponential success in your personal life, relationships, and career.  Of course we all have our bad days babes, but follow these tips above and you’ll be mastering the bright side in no time at all.





  1. a few days after my father passed away, I wore bright yellow. just for the honest reason that it reminded me that though for now, my world was clouded in darkness, there were definitely still rays of light. I love this post– both your supremely avantgarde outfit, and the content. It is very true about who you surround your self with. I have often found that I am happiest with people who exude serenity and laughter– bc their energies make me calmer and happier– and thus they feed off of me as well. That sounded slightly more vampiric than I intended it to be.

    • Aw babe- thank you so much for sharing your story and I'm so sorry for your loss. Color really can have such a positive effect- not only on those who wear it but also for those who's day has been brightened by your ray of light <3

    • It's tough to keep the positivity alive at all times, but it helps when you have some bullet points to remember ;D

  2. These are such great tips, Julie! It's so hard to not get overwhelmed by and caught up in all the negative energy in the world but these are definitely simple ways to overcome that mindset. I love what you said about the red lip, too! I feel ready to take on anything when I swipe a bright lippie on! ��

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

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