Having spent the last 2 weeks away on vacation in Japan has got me thinking…
When I was in my 20’s I had all the time in the world to travel but little finances to do so.  Now that I’m well into my 30’s I barely have
the time since I’m running my own business and working like a fiend!  But I swear time has a funny way of sneaking up on you…


 You put things off for later like getting married, having kids, traveling the world, spending more quality time with your family.  You think you have all the time to eventually get to it, you don’t make it a priority then one day you wake up and holy shit, YOU’RE 40 and what have you accomplished?
Where have you gone?  What have you seen?
Ask yourself this question: If not now, when?

Making Time for Things that Matter

When is the right time to travel? To get married? To have kids?
To drop everything and finally pursue your passion???
I don’t have the answer for you, but I do have the answer for me.
 The time is NOW my loves!!  
Time to stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be!

You want to visit Japan for the first time during cherry blossom season?

Book it NOW and anticipate the blooming hues with every breath!

You want to quit your stable corporate job to become a freelance artist?
Get it sista!! Do it before you talk yourself out of it!
The time is NOW to do, see, live, love, laugh, and just BE!
Make time for the things that truly matter and watch life try to catch up with YOU!

Wear Time Well with JORD Watches

I’ve recently partnered up with a cool new watch brand to help you do just that!
After perusing JORD’s collection of unique women’s and men’s stylish watches, I absolutely fell in LOVE with the burgundy
faced Conway series.

Although labeled a “men’s watch” I’ve been known to steal le hub’s collection and rock it for myself. I love the simplicity of the chronograph and the colored face, matched with the warmth of the wood, it’s a perfect contrast to all the blooming hues of spring!

Styling Tips for Men’s Watches

Definitely a staple I’m now adding to my wardrobe when I want to toughen up girly looks!
I love it paired with distressed denim and a neutral duster for a cool, urban contrast.
Or rocked with my leather jacket for a rough and tumbled effect.
 You guys know that accessories are my thing (even more than apparel), the right watch can set the tone for a finished
and polished street-luxe look.

My Picks from JORD

Here are some of my other favorite timepieces from both JORD Men’s and Women’s collections:
I also love that you can even personally engrave the watch itself or the beautiful wood box it comes with for that special added touch.

Time for a Giveaway

I’ve teamed up with the awesome people from JORD to gift one of you a FREE CONWAY watch!!!
Yup, just like the one you see on me here (also comes in 3 other colors).
Simply fill out THIS FORM and enter for your chance to win.
But don’t worry, even if you don’t win the grand prize, your entry automatically receives a coupon code for $25 off your purchase and an extra 15% off for my darling readers! That’s HUGE guys!
Enter this code at checkout for an additional 15% off: julie_h1ktzz

 See exclusive GIVEAWAY ENTRY FORM here
and catch all the live JORD action on my social channels!  Contest ends May 14th at 11:59pm so get your entries in loves!
(NOTE: Both the $100 e-gift card and $25/ discount codes will expire on July 31, 2017)
Wear time well with JORD and don’t forget – The time is always NOW!




  1. I love that, "time to stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be," what an awesome quote! You're so right, we often put things off as though we have complete control over time, when in fact no one does. It shoes no favorites and stops for no one and so, we really should seek every opportunity that allows for us to do the very thing that our hearts desire. Even if we may not be successful in all of those pursuits, at least we can say we've tried instead of wonder what could've been. As for the watch, I absolutely love the design, the burgundy face with the silver looks absolutely gorgeous and eye catching; Jord makes such beautiful time pieces. Thanks for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you're having a great week so far!



    • I have to keep reminding myself to just LIVE babe…instead of wishing, hoping, getting lost in dreamland. Today will be the youngest I'll ever be again!

      Thanks for always stopping by love!

  2. You know, there is an ancient Jewish saying– "If I am not for myself, then who will be for me. And when I am for myself, then what am I? And if not now, then when?" Its one of the proverbs that I base my life around. We are the only people that can make the biggest impact on our lives– not anyone else. That watch is beautiful! I too teamed up with Jord recently, and it was honestly my most favorite collab to date. Uhhhh, I wanna go to Japan!!!


    • I love that! Self love comes first even though you might think it's selfish, it's all about a wholehearted commitment to helping others when you're at your personal best!

  3. Love this post, Jord are a great company for wooden watches! I've got a maple and pink one from them. And you're right, we always find ways to put things off in our lives, but we shouldn't!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    • Ooh maple and pink sounds dreamy! But notsomuch for the hubs, which is who I got this watch for! lol ;D

    • Awesome babe! The time is totally NOW… today is the youngest we'll ever be! Thank you so much for the feedback! xx

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