My home is in constant flux.

Much to the bf’s dismay, I’m always rearranging anything that isn’t bolted down, buried away, or simply weighs more than myself and the pups combined.
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Be it tablescaping, wardrobe rehauling, or just plain organizing (then reorganizing what’s already been organized) you could say I’m pretty much OCD when it comes to my humble abode.

Too much of the Coveteur makes me feel like my studio should look like a rotating art gallery showcasing the latest and greatest in vintage finds and once-hidden treasures. Over time I’ve realized that if I can’t see it, I won’t use it. If I can’t touch it, I won’t abuse it.

After all, drawers were made for intimates, dressers, for display.

Case in point, my ever-expanding jewelry collection that was once stored away, but now breathes new life into my early morning musings. Can you imagine waking up and seeing all your favorite things around you, all day, EVERY day???

Gets Mondays off to the most fabulous start if you ask me…

If your home should help tell YOUR story, tell me, what does yours say about you?


  1. I just noticed what you put under leave comment…LOL. I like that song too:-) That is quite an amazing jewlery collection you have! I have a lot of accessories too and if my house could talk, it would say that my bedroom should be my closet…

  2. I love how organized (and beautiful) everything you have is! And I totally have a similar jade buddha in my library, laughing amongst my guilty pleasures: food mysteris. shhh.

    If my home helped tell my story, it would say that I am a total nerd-geek hybrid with a love for all things cute 🙂
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  3. Okay I am officially jealous of your jewelry collection! Those rings are to die for and so so many colors. Oh you are like Iris, you know how to work with accessories.

  4. I just wanted to let you know you have an amazing blog! The camera you use is stunning in its quality – may I ask what it is? Anyway, I can't wait to read more!

  5. Thx for all the love guys!

    @Beautygirl: I use a Nikon D5000 with Nikon 50mm lens…total novice when it comes to my SLR but the more I take, the (hopefully) better I get!

  6. You're so right! If you can't see it, you can't rock that piece of jewelry to it's full potential! I definitely suffer from that problem and those photos have inspired me to get creative with storing my jewelry!

  7. Can I just tell you…I have been meaning to re-organize my jewelry for the last umm 3 weeks. I cannot see what I have and in an effort to put some old pieces back in rotation I wanted to go through all of it. Thank you sooo much for inspiring me to not only get this done but to do it in a super creative and useful way!


  8. There are some fantastic ideas here. I have the same problem, if I don't see it I simply don't use it. I decided to hang my beady necklaces from my windows, they lighten up each room, especially the coloured ones, and i see them, love them and wear them 😉

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