Y’all know that I’ve had this MAJOR obsession with Kelly Wearstler pretty much since discovering her work at the tender age of 21 and interning for her some few years down the line.

This major obsession has quite simply evolved into an other-worldly reverence for everything she sees, hears, smells, speaks…If Queen Kelly’s touched it, it simply turns to Hollywood gold!
Case in point, her premiere ready-to-wear fashion line featuring such artistic gestures as hand-painted graphics, architectural jewelry, and of course signature spellbinding combinations that make you second guess everything you thought you knew about the color wheel. C’est magnifique!
She even designs the store fixtures….C’mon how GLAM is this mannequin??
I need this STAT to store my scarves! Très chic!!
See how some of my favorite blogger babes rock Kelly Wearstler designs…
Kelly wearing the Pyrite Blouse
Liz wearing the Stripes Scarf
Jane wearing the Gypsum Jacket, assorted jewelry, and the Chevron dress.
I knew I had to see the line up close and personal so after venturing out to Neiman Marcus last week for Kelly’s debut, I unabashedly tried to talk this domestic diva into giving me a job. Desperate? Au contraire! Determined?? Oh HELL YEAH! Ain’t no shame in pimping yourself out honeys. Especially if you *knew* in your heart of hearts that this was the next step into your imminent design future…man up! But seriously, if anyone’s able to convince me back into the corporate game, Kelly’s the one. Crossing my fingers I’ll be West Hollywood bound by end of year! Wish me luck my pretties!
Kelly’s flagship LA store on Melrose opens November 1!
In the meantime, shop everything Kelly Wearstler HERE.


  1. LOVE this post!!!

    LOVE Kelly Wearstler's design style & fashion sense!!!

    Good luck with pursuing a job with her. What an amazing opportunity.

  2. Oh my gosh!! I can't believe you were in the flesh with Kelly! She is magnificent (and so awesome that you used to intern for her)!!!!

    Love all your pics that you took (and your blogger babe inspirations)!!

    Good luck with that one! Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you!

    xo, sam

  3. Is she a jewelry designer? Never heard of her before. Thanks for the info.

    BTW- you just made my day. I recently got into Charlie's Angels 2011 TV Series (before it got the ax 🙁 boo!) but really love it and your comment/compliment made me grin from ear to ear ! <3

    Happy Monday.


  4. I envy your determination. So gutsy! I hope it pays off because Kelly Wearstler is amazing. How awesome would it be to work for her. Fingers crossed for you. Also this is my first visit. Great blog!

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