It’s been a crazy few days having just returned from my monster bachelorette bash in Vegas with my very BEST gal pals.

 While we’re still collating pix from our girls gone wild weekend (over a thousand so please excuse the delay), here’s Part II of another epic adventure on the isles of Koh Pha-Ngan at Thailand’s infamous Full Moon Party!

Getting There

My party posse waiting for our G-ride aka private speed boat chartered by our Captain Ken!  The boat picks us up directly from the beach of our resort… All we have to do is hop on!  Now that’s what I call luxury!  And we’re off!!! Bye Bye Baan Talay, see ya in the mornin’!

A wet and wild hour-long excursion with unreal turbulence and the craziest waves…
Ain’t nothing gonna dampen our spirits!!  But really!!! Are we there yet??

I see lights!   I hear music!!!

TOUCHDOWN!!!  This monstrous fire-lit sign is sure to heat us right up!  What a way to greet your guests!

The Vibe

Wandering right onto the beach through the throngs of party goers.  They estimate that 10,000+ peeps come once a month for these Full Moon Festivals. That’s just NUTZ!~


 My gorgeous BOL girls!  Doin’ it Full Moon style with our neon warrior paint!!!!

Peeps be spreadin’ out on the beach every which way you turn!
It’s a maze navigating the hoard as we find our way back to headquarters…


Free spot to sleep but you gotta pay for the loo??

I have to admit, this is the first time in my life I’ve danced nonstop for 6 straight hours under the Full Moon with sand in my toes and my bestest by my side…. Life is so dang good I can bust out crying any minute recounting the time of our lives! But alas, all good things must come to an end.  But these memories will last our lifetime and beyond…

For more info on Thailand’s FULL MOON PARTY follow THIS LINK





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