Something about the lazy days of summer that instantly put me in an illusory trance.

I dream of dancing into fields of fresh young dandelions, first gliding my fingers over their prickly parts, then twirling about their floating feathers as if orchestrating some melodic composition.
In this particular opus I’m dressed in the sheerest of ensembles, looking sexy and sophisticated amongst flourishing blooms and the faintest perfumes.
Alas, I wake up and there he is, the bf, thumping his electronica house music not more than an arm’s length away and I realize, dude! I’m not dreaming!!…it’s just Wednesday y’all.
Ice blouse, Emphasis tunic, Korean Fashion wide legs, Dolce Vita Sandals, F21 rings, Macy’s earrings, Betsey Johnson belt
interior images 1,2,3,4,5
Hope you’re in the midst of romance and reverie wherever you are!


  1. wow! i am absolutely blown away, are these your designs? they are AMAZING! and i love how your outfits go with them! fantastic header by the way! =)

  2. Love the printed blouse/wrap! You look gorgeous in all these photos – and the decor inspiration photos makes me jealous! Wish I lived in something like that.

  3. The wakening from the trance made me smile. And this outfit is beautifully put together.

  4. lovely turquoise, and ocean blue vibe you got going on here:) And I love the decor! Would be dreamy to have my home decorated like that!

    Love Shots

  5. I love the link between your outfits and the interiors! It reminds me of a regular editorial Domino Mag used to run, I think it was called "Turn my Look into a Room" or something along those lines.

  6. I see the similarities! Such a lovely, flowy look…the light is everywhere! In your photos, your sparkles, your hair, your smile! Love this look. I'd steal that blouse from you in a second if I could.

  7. love the first picture:) so pretty.. and the last picture.. waow wouldn't mind laying there on the balcony!

  8. oh wao i really love the pictures of the houses. it looks gorgeous and so relaxing! total girl flat though 😉

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