It’s been exactly 1 month since I started my pregnancy fat loss journey.

I’ve been eating more healthy foods, lowering my carb intake, and adding a walking regimen to my diet.

I started out at 119 lbs 4 weeks ago, and was surprised to see how much I weighed this month….


Dress: gifted from Pink Blush | Wrap: Shein | Shoes: Dolce Vita (old, similar HERE and HERE) | Bag: World Market (old, similar HERE and HERE) | Sunglasses: MVMT

Which was EXACTLY the same as I started! lol

It’s all about choosing healthier snacks and veggies over cookies and carbs, indulging yourself in the occasional sweet, and NEVER depriving yourself of the things you really crave!

Mama girlfriends tell me that if I want to eat something and don’t succumb to that craving, my baby is going to come out a drool-monster! LMAO, please tell me that’s not true! If yes, I am hightailing it to McDonald’s right this second for large fries and a soft-serve folks.

Diet starts back up on Monday lol. Have a fabulous week everyone!



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