Nothing like a good ol’ monochromatic look to lengthen my petite frame and hide this growing belly!

21 weeks pregnant and while I can’t feel babygirl just yet, I already have such a deep connection to her. I engage in daily conversation even though I don’t think she can hear me. My mama girlfriends tell me that feeling the baby kick and punch inside you is one of the most wondrous things about pregnancy.


Dress: Shein | Coat: H&M | Shoes: Vince Camuto

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I really am LOVING this journey, from dressing the bump, to every weekly milestone, the second trimester has been fabulous so far and we’re counting down the weeks to our babymoon! I’ve saved the date but still haven’t picked a location, lol. My doctor says I can only travel within this second trimester (if at all by plane, she isn’t a fan of solar radiation)… Where did you babes go on your babymoon?

Please help me find a local staycation or one within driving distance from Orange County/ LA! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! xx



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