Who said stripes make you look fatter?

Until you turn to the side that is! lol Currently 38 weeks pregnant and I’m getting to the point where I just want her outta my belly and into my arms already.

Pregnancy Update: Doc examined me at our last visit and it looks like babygirl hasn’t even dropped yet. As a matter of fact she’s climbing higher into my belly when she should be lower day by day. My OB explained that sometimes it’s because my pelvic region has not expanded enough for her to make her way down so she rests where she’s most comfortable.  The issue is that if she stays this way, a C-section might be the safest way to get her outta there.

Which I’m not opposed to since I don’t really have a birth plan. My plan is simple: Use whatever method is safest for a healthy delivery. Period.


Dress | Jacket | Boots: old (similar HERE) | Sunnies

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Any of you mamas derail from your “birth plan?” I know we’re supposed to have a general idea of what our wishes are, drugs/ no drugs, induced/ natural…. I really don’t want to stress myself out thinking too much about labor and delivery so my goal has been to stay centered in my “normal” routine as possible.

Which clearly means shooting these Fall looks up until I give birth, lol.

Dressing up and putting my face on just instantly makes me feel better, how about you?



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