Remember how I spent a week in Houston working my little tail feather off to finish a house in 5 days??

Here marks the fruits of my labor y’all…4500 square feet of modern minimalist love all wrapped up in a super eclectic JKID bow.

The Client

The client (i.e. my photographer uncle) desired a space that packed as much WOW factor as practical functionality for his teenage daughter and toddler son to frolick about. Needless to say there were LOTS of toys strewn in every nook and cranny which I relished in the thought of styling since these key pieces inspired the entire color story behind the stark white space.

Aidan’s luxury scooters/mopeds/bikes fill the living space up with cherry red pops of color…this tiny tot is totally stylin’ profilin’…

Styling Tips

When staging such a large space, it’s always prudent to pick and choose corners to really go all out…Here bold tones of citrus and turquoise help to anchor another super white expanse…

The Vibe

Let the area rug be your guide…Bold jewel tones help to warm up an empty canvas…glass votives in one monochromatic hue helps relax the eye from all the natural light bouncing off the walls…Wooden figurines from Ikea fill up a wall of lit niches in a fun and whimsical way…and they only cost $5/ pop! Very economical and perfect for your inner artist…I enlisted the kids to help shape these suckers to size!

Use sculptural elements, books, and frames to fill up empty wall space…Here, photo albums of past clients are used as wall art. It helps prospective buyers to see the multitude of ways they can fill the niches when you’ve given them some food for thought…

{Before, pro pix taken by John Ly Photography, Houston}

(artist’s rendering of front facade- will replace with a real photo when I get it)
In all fairness, I was given a gorgeous canvas to start with…All we needed were a few finishing touches and some color to keep the kids happy and the photographer inspired. Hope I did you proud Uncle John! Can’t wait to see how much this beauty makes as a result….I hear the cash cow calling….Ring a ding ding $!!
How much do you think a home like this could fetch in Houston??


  1. You did a fabulous job Julie! OMG I would love to live in this house! 4,500 SF so beautifully decorated like a model home, I would guess…$750K to $800K

  2. fantastic pics – as always!!! 🙂
    I also love your post about the baby shower – so creative!!! BRAVO! 🙂
    you're so talented dear!
    and thank you for your cute comment!! <3


  3. Wow, you did such a fantastic job – the place looks amazing! love all the details you worked in, the sculptures and great bursts of colour – such a gorgeous space and yet still so liveable for two young kids! Well done 🙂

  4. Amazing Job!

    My favorite part is the dining room. THAT RUG!!!! swoooooon. & the ikea figurines, so clever.

    Great job all around.

  5. Wow! You did such an AMAZINGGG job. Love how you design the rooms with all the aspects. You're so talented and now I'm officially following your blog..

    Looking forward to see your amazing posts 🙂

    – –

  6. wow… there is just so much to love i don't even know where to begin.. love the figures in the dining area.. the little red plane.. the coffee pillow.. the purple rug.. the fireplace.

  7. Fantastic Julie, GREAT have such good taste. Some great stuff from IKEA..sure looks better in a upscale space like that!
    Have a good weekend!


  8. Oh my gosh Julie!!! That place is AMAZING!! LOVE what you did!! {I hope you got to go to High Fashion while you were in Houston! One of my fave places and my mom works there!} I'm sure your uncle is out of his mind happy right now!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    xo, sam

  9. Wow! You are so talented! I really love the red and the Budddha throughout! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments about my art. I'm so glad you did because now I found your blog! Have a great weekend:)

  10. Julie, you're amazing! I've seen a lot of nice homes in Houston where I worked with a marketing agency but this house is stunning! Not too many cutting edge homes in Houston, you know, but your uncle's home is fit to grace covers of style magazines! (Also, I saw the same red and black pillows yesterday and I debated buying them. Now I wish I had!)

  11. wow!! I am so glad I scrolled down your blog! Dammit girl you really decorated this? It looks fabolus! I mean needless to say that the house itself already is a WOW house. I dont know about prices in Texas but if small shitty houses in Philadelphia and DC already cost up to 500.000 I guess this one is at least 1-2 milion?

    Your uncle must be a good photagrophor 🙂

    How did you learn this? Did you go to a school for interior design?



  12. This is gorgeous, sophisticated, energetic, and fun — great job! I love your fabric choices for all the throw pillows. A few yards of really fun fabric makes such a big impact.

  13. Wow! Beautiful design work, lovely & fun blog. Thank you so much for coming by my blog and taking the time to comment. XOXO : ) Nyssa

  14. THIS SPACE IS AMAZINGGG!!! Your blog has lovely pictures! I wish I could have this mansion!

    thank you so much for stopping by!
    It's great that you took the time!

    I am now following you =)
    Keep stopping by and follow mine if you still like what I post.

  15. wow that's a gorgeous house! great work!
    I was putting off doing my hw and browzing through blogs and now i'm inspired to actually do my hw 😛 (i'm a final semester interior design student) so thanks for that lol
    PS. love your blog! definitely following it
    would love it if you can check mine out as well 🙂

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