We spent Valentine’s Day at the gorgeous Lido Plaza in Newport Beach for a very special Mommy and me shoot with Kamari.

This is winter in Southern Ca y’all. We are truly spoiled by perfect 65 deg weather, sunshine, sea breezes, and the best eateries in this tiny little plaza on the marina.

I styled her up in warm earth tones to contrast with the cool blue seascape and found this perfect fuzzy sweater from Shein to match. The sleeves cinch up to create this darling detail that you can tie up into a cute little dangling exaggerated bow. 


Sweater | Skirt | Shoes

Use code Q3JULIEKHUU for an extra 15% off Shein purchase thru 3/31/2020

My tip for shooting with an infant…make it quick! lol I only had a 5 minute window to shoot her since she immediately became a drooling monster, hangry and irritated. I proceeded to nurse her in the car, followed by changing out one poopy diaper and wet onesie, missed out Valentine’s night dinner, and ultimately picked up McDonald’s on the way home instead.

I’d say that was a perfect first Valentine’s date with my girl, wouldn’t you say? #tooblessedtostress <3




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