Between filming and in-the-field client meetings, I only get one office day a week to myself.

I use this time to lounge around and leisurely check off my project to-do lists not focusing too much on phone calls, emails, or replying to social media requests.  It’s pretty much my “day-off” without really being off at all. A day when I can work when I want and relax when I need.

It’s my time to let the creative juices flow without deadlines or checklists.

It’s also my time to rock athleisure wear without feeling like a total slob. I mean I still insta-story on the daily, can’t get online in Christmas pj’s every day! Hahah I’m sure you guys have caught my fav polar bear fleece pajamas one time too many, lol.


Hoodie + Pant Set | Shein

What do you typically rock on your days off?



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