On our last day there, le bf and I took a mini-trip over to the islands of Las Marietas, home to Puerto Vallarta’s marine wildlife reserve and now a national park catering to locals and tourists through chartered boats.

How to Book the Excursion

We booked the excursion right through our hotel (Hard Rock’s the shit y’all, seriously look into booking HERE if you’re planning your next Mexican getaway) and the round-trip cost for 2 came out to $160 total for a 7-hour jaunt. We began our voyage at Vallarta Adventures early in the morning and after an hour-long ride on a mid-sized catamaran, we arrived at our destination of turquoise waters and a group of tiny islands with hidden beaches and caves to explore for the day.

Getting There

After snorkeling the calm waters, traversing the small tunnel, you arrive at this hidden beach, accessible only through the short swim from the boat to the shore. It’s an easy swim with various electric blue and yellow-striped fish right underneath your toes. I opted to half-swim/ half-snorkel to really take in the scenery.

Exploring the Caves

A quick frolic around the blue lagoon and now we’re ready for adventures in caveland!   The rocks are slippery from the algae so every step was calculated and measured for safety! Love that we found little critters lurking around every nook and cranny. A testament to how preserved this ecosystem truly is.

I wonder what mystical treasures await in the grotto…

Soft waves break at the rock formations causing a slight dewy mist to penetrate the air…

Such a magnificent sight, as I pour through the images I’m transported right back…

Water Sign

I grew up by the water so I often find myself mesmerized by its fluid and unpredictable nature. I love the sound of a babbling brook, the scent of fresh rain, or in this case the taste of salty sea air in its purest and most natural form.

There’s nothing like being at one with nature y’all. Seriously. Nothing.




  1. Awesome pics! You look fantastic! Puerto Vallarta seems like an amazing place. Nothing beats the beauty of the Caribbean! BTW, thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. WOW, the trip looks amazing JULI! I've been on a island hoping one a few months ago in krabi thailand but we didn't get to stay at the locations for long before we moved on! And it wasnt as beautiful as this one you were on! Love the open sea photos and those caves look so great for exploring. You've got a great bikini bod! Hope to be as sleek and fit as you are when I'm older!

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