Here’s the LAST little tidbits of my latest tropical escape to Puerto Vallarta…

So ready to book the next vacay!
I’ve got Vegas in a few weeks then it’s back to wanderlusting big time!
I’ve got Thailand on the brain! How about you???




  1. *Swoon* this looks amazing! Definitely makes me wonder why I haven't gotten to the beach yet though I live in Cali! Also, I just got back from Vegas, it's one of my favorite places on earth~~ thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm having fun looking through yours!

    Pink Wings

  2. Love the pictures, it looks like you had an amazing time! Thailand would be amazing, I've always wanted to go!
    Brittany Blake

  3. Just sooo jealous of your beautiful trip! Love your teal bandeau bikini! I wish I were out there on the sand relaxing!

  4. Hi Julie, thanks for dropping by. I was taken by your fun adventure immediately. I like those shots around a water cave while you wearing a blue/mint bikinis. Both look so exotic!
    I love your blog so full of fun.

    From Jing at

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