I’ve often said that I do my best work when I’m under extreme pressure and highly stressed.

Now that I’ve finally committed to this premier entry, I’m feeling pangs of anxiety, nausea, and uncertainty as if I’ve left behind a gorgeous take me home pair of Donald Pliner Bronzed Platform Gladiators at the Rack for 50% off…
Will they still be there when I actually decide that I really really want them and won’t have buyer’s remorse?
Will I traverse my way back to rummage through the wreck only to find a 3 pairs that better suit me than the standalone Pliners I really could do without?
Why must we relinquish the idea of one luxury in exchange for another?
Why can’t we just have it all?

I’d rather be starving and broke then waltz around town wearing the same ol’ tired wedges circa 2005 that I’ve re-soled and refinished just because I’ve convinced myself that they’re now back in style.

Who am I kidding- I want new. I want hip. I want fresh….and I want it NOW!

Sorry peeps- I’m running a tangent as I’ve diverted from the issue at hand.
My body is swollen. My fingers are trembling. My mind is in jumbles.
This is the result of a rather catastrophic toll that I’ve taken on my mind, body, and spirit as of late…details to which I cannot immediately divulge but will regurgitate in strides as soon as I’m allowed….and trust me my pretties…
I definitely won’t be holding back.
I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to start this blog.
Waiting for that initial inspiration to kick me out of my lackadaisical routine of reading fashion magazines and chillin’ with pups while watching DVR’d Idol when it suddenly occurred to me (after seeing Casey James saved yet another week- there is a God!! whoohoo!) that there is no perfect time.
There is no AHA moment to sit, inflect, write, and release.
So that’s how this blog is gonna roll y’all….Instinctively. Impulsively…and rather organically.

If you have to question that initial reaction to “should I or shouldn’t I?”
Best if you just leave it up to fate and see what develops.
After all, I fool myself into believing “meant to be” only when I don’t get what I want.
Pliners or no Pliners, I’m sure I’ll find something better in the end.

In the meantime….Summer Shoe Hit List.
My bday’s in 3 months…start saving up now dolls.
Thanks in advance 😀

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