As neurotic as it may sound, I refuse to let the bf use any vocabulary in his vernacular that he cannot spell {I know, I know, psycho-gf alert.

Turn ons: Scintillating syntax (rawr baby rawr!)…Turn offs: Erroneous spelling and grammar (too cool for school?..booo)} So on the flip side, I’ve assumed the same responsibility and am not to utter a single phrase I have not faced firsthand. Gives wayyyy new meaning to shouting: “Omg, that’s soooo Gaudy!” Although the term dates back to the 16th century way before the Catalan architect was even born, I’d like to believe present-day exploit implies a slightly garish, ornately over-the-top, showy display of anything design. Coincidence? I think not.

So a few weeks ago when my friends over at Shop the sent over a small care package, I immediately fell in LOVE with one of their signature statement necklaces and knew that I’d pack her along for this transcontinental trip beyond the Atlantic and into Barcelona. In the high hopes that I could only do her justice in an environment that would parallel her ornately over-the-top display of impeccable detailing, she would make her blog debut in one of Antoni’s masterpiece museums.

And lo and behold, here she is, in all her gaudy glory:’s Calamity Jewel Necklace!! Featured on the streets of Spain and making her way through Casa Mila’s museum and monument…she looks the part, she acts the part, and best of all, she’s only $24 y’all! Makes the perfect stocking stuffer for your galpals or a nice little gaudy treat for yourself.

Random sweater, Thrifted Blouse, Tart Leggings, M2 Boots, Shop the’s Calamity Necklace, Raina Belt
Some of my other favorite pieces to add to your collection girls!!!
Aurora Necklace $22
Beaded and Chain Layer Necklace $20


Quartz Chain Earrings $16


Fire Stone Fabric Earrings $12
Studded Bangle $16


Rachel Stone Stretch Ring $14
All available from Shop the HERE!!!
Happy Shopping Guys!!!
Join me tonight for belly stuffing, Barcelona Style!

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  1. Oh Calamity Jewel, you are one lucky gal. Nice to hear you kept my buddy in good company as your browsed your way around the streets of the Queen B!

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