In today’s video, I’m sharing all of my favorite home hacks/ DIY home improvement projects.

I hope to inspire you to complete those little projects you’ve been meaning to get to whether you have 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or if you’re really lucky- one entire hour!

Ever since having kids, my to-do list has multiplied – like all busy parents out there. Between caring for them and carving out time for self-care yourself, where do you find the time to address your home’s needs? You don’t have to be the handiest person or even know how to use power tools to complete a lot of these items. If you’ve been wanting to DIY some projects at home, consider this video YOUR SIGN to do it NOW! 


Scarf tension rod: 

Necklaces rack: 

Towel bar: 

Paper towel holder: (adhesive), (screw-on)

Coffee mug hooks: 

Cabinet handles: 

Felt pads for furniture: 

Hanging plant hooks: 

Macrame plant hangers: 

Chalk paint for furniture: 

Artwork mounting hardware: (light frames), (heavy duty)

Metal wine glass holder: 

Soft close drawer slides: 

Spackle for hole patching: 

Gallery wall frames: 

Favorite double curtain rods: 

Bathroom mirror: 

Bathroom faucet: 

Bathroom shower fixtures: 

Shower tile epoxy paint: 

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