Having access to outdoor space is an absolute luxury.

If you work from home like I do, having a space to break away from your desk helps maintain productivity and increase mental health. If you have a tiny space to work with, consider it a design opportunity to create your own private oasis. 

Remember that size is not an excuse to create something stylish, functional, and magical. Make an investment in yourself and your needs by treating your outdoor space like an extra room in your home. Prioritize comfort and consider all aspects of the design from the floors, to the furnishings, up the walls, and beyond. If you’ve been looking for brilliant ways to beautify your small outdoor space- this post is for you!


𝐒𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐆𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩𝐬

Black Weave Chair https://bit.ly/3vmoOoQ

Patio Chair with Cushions https://bit.ly/3xsaVaR

Wicker Dining Chair https://bit.ly/2QHgJwv

Planter Bench https://bit.ly/3gPY1NM

Wood Patio Sofa https://bit.ly/3xxPR2t

Wicker Loveseat https://bit.ly/2S32eDo

Armless Loveseat https://bit.ly/2PyhKGu

Sectional Set with Teak Finish https://bit.ly/3teS6Ep

Cushioned Sectional Set https://bit.ly/3ubdfRr

Nesting Coffee Tables https://bit.ly/3gJFwuj

Hourglass Stool https://bit.ly/3gNu3Kb

Round Pink Dotted Coffee Table https://bit.ly/3u2l8bO

Ceramic Garden Stool https://bit.ly/3xwwPtg


Deco Porcelain Tile https://bit.ly/32YbN8P

Interlocking Porcelain Tile https://bit.ly/3ny2q9q

Gray Matte Porcelain Tile https://bit.ly/3t9pkoF

Interlocking Wood Deck Tile https://bit.ly/3eNkBUS

Artificial Grass Turf https://bit.ly/2SiUfm5

𝐀𝐫𝐞𝐚 𝐑𝐮𝐠𝐬

Graphic Runner https://bit.ly/32X2Pc1

Textured Tan Area Rug https://bit.ly/3nK2rYd

Navy Runner https://bit.ly/3t31YBd

Black Graphic Area Rug https://bit.ly/3gNdeiS

Tasseled Charcoal Area Rug https://bit.ly/330bt9F

Braided Texture Solid Area Rug https://bit.ly/2R5hK1k


Metal Wall Planter https://bit.ly/2PEkmTs

Individual Silver and Gold Metal Planters https://bit.ly/3sZHUQl

Black Metal Planters https://bit.ly/2R8UMGA

2 Piece Metal Pot Planter Set https://bit.ly/3u6Gc0S

Steel Railing Planter https://bit.ly/3t9Z121

Black Four Tier Plant Stand https://bit.ly/3xFsP9Z

Wood Shelf Storage https://bit.ly/3e9kW59

Bamboo Shelf Stand Folding Display https://bit.ly/33a0rP6


Clear Bulb String Lights https://bit.ly/3xxohCA

String Light https://bit.ly/3u0EhLi

Solar Outdoor String Lights https://bit.ly/3gLGpCF

Glass and Brass Hurricanes https://bit.ly/3sZHbyB

Black Metal https://bit.ly/2ReWu96

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