Part II of our Taiwan Photo Diary as we power our way through Taipei…

We ventured out on foot every day, stopping in at local eateries, exploring the city, and every once in a while taking over entire cafes to loiter and play cards. OMG we are soooo Asian!

Love the traditional part of Taipei in contrast to the metropolitan city vibe. There really is something for everyone…


And sometimes, just sometimes, you really do have to play tourist.  Here we are at Taiwan’s famed Yehliu Geopark, a geographical monument featuring natural rock formations in the oddest shapes and sizes.  Their most famous centerpiece: The Queen’s Head (pictured above) I think it’s pretty cool. No one else agreed hahahahha

You cannot visit any foreign country and not completely immerse yourself in the nightlife.  You find out so much about their culture from the club and bar scene. Of course, we are experts in this field honey! Unce Unce Unce!!!

Come back tomorrow for some serious Taiwanese Food Porn!!! Been DYING to share Taipei’s BEST kept secret!



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