Nothing says BADASS like an all white ensemble.

I used to NEVER wear white. White tops, white pants, white sunnies, white anything!
Clumsy me was always afraid of spilling my coffee, getting food everywhere, and of course we mustn’t forget the pups that jump all over me and leave their dirty little paw prints behind.

You know what’s the secret to keeping those whites EXTRA white?

Not giving 2 F*CKS!! lol

But seriously, brush that dirt off your shouldas and still look supaFLY loves!

There’s something extremely liberating about not looking too polished or perfect.

A little smudge here, a little stain there, nothing a little bleach can’t fix!

I absolutely LOVE this 2-pc set I just picked up from SheIn!

Super chic fit with gaucho pants and a matching flowy top. Love the contrasting black band to break up the sea of white.  Of course this set looks fabulous together but I’ve already worn the top with jeans and black slacks to change up the vibe.

Best part?  It’s now on SALE!!!

Shop the look HERE

Thank you to SheIn for sending this beauty over!

If you’ve never heard of SheIn you MUST check them out guys!

Super chic, always on trend, 1000’s of selections, seriously it takes me ALL day to shop their site it’s just SO good!

*Think Forever 21, but better price points, better quality, and 100 times the options!*

Hope you’re enjoying the last few weeks of summer loves!




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