If you’re a long time follower (or visiting for the first time) you know that style + substance is a HUGE part of my life and career.

I don’t believe that you can have one without the other and feel completely fulfilled. Happiness and pure, real, honest joy emanates from within. It is only when you are the architect of your own happiness that you are able to utilize material items to their fullest potential.

You can have all the money in the world and still be the saddest and loneliest person out there. You can buy the biggest house, nicest car, and travel the world but if you don’t get a hold of your priorities now, you will have a whole ‘notha set of issues to deal with than you had before.  Mo’ money mo’ problems honey!!

But let’s rewind a bit shall we and talk about how you can achieve ultimate happiness…

How accomplishments affect your happiness

I believe that true happiness and pure bliss lies in accomplishment.

What does “accomplished” even mean?

Well, to me, accomplished means setting goals and hitting them. It doesn’t mean you excelled at the task, or did a bad job, it simply means you completed the task. Nothing more, nothing less. When you break down a goal by checking whether or not you did it, doing it well or worse doesn’t even matter.

Happiness lies in accomplishing the task, then patting yourself on the back for the achievement, no matter how big or small.


Challenge yourself

Belief in yourself is the cardinal rule. You must believe that you are ready, willing, and able to set goals and achieve them. The goal can be as simple as stating that you will not eat fried foods today. Set out with that intention in the morning, write it down and see how you feel at the end of the day when you put down that leftover fried chicken.

Now tomorrow, set another goal! It can be the same (no fried foods) but maybe today challenge yourself with another bad habit you want to kick. Do it for one week straight and you will see how much lighter and happier you feel simply by making a statement, setting a goal, and sticking to it. Challenge yourself to stay consistent and set one small goal per day.

Practice Failing

Everyone has cheat days. Everyone falls off the wagon. Not everyone gets back up.

The quitter falls off, stays off, gets pissed, then transfers that piss-poor energy elsewhere (probably to other quitters).

The winner falls off, gets back up, falls off again, gets back up again, falls off face-first, then ass-first, then loses a tooth. But eventually the winner learns how to stay on the wagon because the winner pushed through. The winner did not give up merely because the winner was not good at first.

The winner practiced falling and practiced failing.

How do you think they eventually became the winner? By NOT quitting that’s how.

Who do you want to be? The quitter or the winner?

Now ask yourself this tough question: Who do you think you are now?

If your answer is “the quitter” congratulations! Recognizing the things you want to change is the first step into your transformation. Now re-read this post and get inspired to become the WINNER you always wanted to be babes!!!

If your answer was “the winner” you are EXACTLY who I need in my life. Comment below and let’s be friends!


Top: c/o Shein (use code juliekhuu20 for 20% off all items) | Belt Bag: Ecote  (old, more HERE) | Denim Shorts: Revolve


Coming up next: The culmination of our fabulous Punta Cana escape!

These shots were taken during our trip and this post was inspired by the conversations I had with my girlfriends while we were away. We keep it REAL here at Haute Khuuture y’all!

Come for the style, stay for the substance 😉



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