All I want for Christmas is colorful knits and vintage Chanel.

I have been LIVING in cozy knits this season and loving how cheerful monochromatic ensembles look especially in a sea of neutrals and gray. Have you guys noticed that when the weather is gloomy you somehow dress in a similar fashion? I’m guilty too guys! Overcast days are my fav but when the sun is shining and the skies are blue, you best bust out your brightest and liveliest look to chase those grays away!

Studies show that wearing bright, cheerful colors can instantly lift your spirits and help lower bouts of depression. It sounds obvious but the psychology of color carries deeper roots than what you see on the surface. I’m sure you’ve heard that the color red stimulates appetites and that the color blue represents trust and cleanliness; but did you know that wearing tip-to-toe color in similar hues vibrate with such cosmic energy that it can influence your entire mood for weeks to come?

Yes you read that right babes. Wearing COLOR can instantly make you feel better!

Feeling lethargic? Try a week of red and tell me that won’t wake your ass right up!

It’s been manic here while I’m juggling holiday festivities, my custom home builds, YouTube filming, clients, friends, family, pups, oman the list goes on and on… Anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed to tackle my to-do lists, the first place I turn to is my closet. I try to pick out ootd’s by how I’m feeling. I knew I needed a jolt of color to match my energy level and burnt orange was just the shade I craved! Orange is associated with determination, creativity, courage, and excitement.  It’s no wonder I banged right through my tasks and even had time to stop for some sweets.

Here’s a little cheat sheet you can print out (or screenshot) if you’re ever in a mood! I’m a Cancer baby, ruled by the moon so I am ALWAYS moody dahling! It’s the charm of me 😉

The Psychology of Color

Red: Love, Strength, Warmth, Energy, Passion

Pink: Sweet, Playful, Compassionate, Femininity

Orange: Success, Social, Brave, Confident, Creative

Yellow: Optimism, Self-esteem, Extraversion, Friendliness

Green: Nature, Healing, Freshness, Growth

Blue: Trust, Peace, Loyalty, Intelligence, Cool

Purple: Royalty, Quality, Authenticity, Luxury, Spirituality

Brown: Longevity, Austerity, Outdoors, Rugged

Black: Sophistication, Glamour, Dramatic, Classy, Security

Shop the Look

Sweater: c/o Shein | Pants: c/o Shein | Hat: H&M (old similar HERE and HERE) | Sunnies: Gucci | Bag: Vintage Chanel @Tradesy (similar HERE) | Boots: Tods 

Use code juliekhuu20 for 20% off Shein items valid through 1/1/19

Have you ever wondered why you gravitated towards one color more than others? What color do you feel the most YOU in?



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