I am constantly rearranging everything that isn’t bolted down in the pad to find fresh ways to organize old faves.

My growing pile of vintage and costume jewelry combined with all the little trinkets I’ve collected through the years could easily sit there collecting dust if I didn’t devise a way to put them on display. Here are my top 5 tips for organizing your accessories in a functional, yet fashionable way!
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How to Organize Jewelry

Step One: Group jewelry by type

Allow a long, linear surface to be your empty canvas. Here, I used the top of my mirrored dresser to lay out the jewelry while grouping them by finish for easier access. Golds with golds, silvers with silvers, that way when I come to wear them, the result becomes a very mindful mix of well-thought out combinations.

Step Two: Organize Jewelry on Trays

Use various sized trays and containers to house the accessories. Get creative in how you display your jewelry and a stylish vignette instantly emerges. Stacked bangles easily pile atop a metal Eiffel Tower, vintage vessels hold my designer pieces, while tiered dessert stands separate my rings allowing for clear visibility from every surface.

Step Three: Use Belt hooks to hang necklaces

Repurpose belt and tie racks into necklace holders. Here I stacked 4 separate racks atop one another and screwed them into the wall for a stylish parade of my favorite pieces. When in doubt, use vertical wall space to hang various items. My number 1 tip for displaying just about anything! Wall racks available HERE.

Step Four: Use small boxes to separate pieces in drawers

Dedicate an entire drawer lined with smaller boxes to store and group your bracelets by style. Elastic bands can get caught with bangles, silver jewelry can tarnish other metal pieces, if you break them up and organize them in a thoughtful manner, they can retain their shape and won’t damage too easily. I even use shoeboxes to divide my lingerie drawer. Separate sections for socks > undies > bras, so easy you can do this in the next 5 minutes!

How to Organize Purses

Step 5: Use shoe racks to separate styles

I have a huge armoire in my room that I use to hold blankets, towels and other every day household items. But the entire top shelf is dedicated to my smaller bags and purses. Here, I used a standard shoe rack (available HERE) to stack them atop one another to make use of the vertical height. Smaller trays keep the delicate bags separated while color coded grouping allows for easier retrieval of last minute styling.

How to Organize Scarves


Bonus tip: Hang scarves using a drapery rod

I used to have hundreds of scarves but forced myself to downsize as I realized they wouldn’t all see the light of day. Especially since they were rolled up in boxes that I used to hide under my bed. Now it’s all about seeing EVERYTHING out in the open and what better way to showcase the spectrum of color than right there on the walls!

I mounted metal drapery rods from Ikea and wrapped the scarves around each pole for a colorful display. Got this idea from TJ Maxx and a for a measly $10 later, instant scarf rack! Next time you’re out shopping; take note of how retail boutiques display their accessories and trinkets. Adopting these creative ideas into your own closet can help you become more inspired when getting ready!

For a complete tour of my bedroom revisit this post HERE and see how I designed my entire boudoir around a glorified dressing room. Too girly, you say? Don’t feel too bad for le bf, he’s as guilty as I when it comes to fashion!




  1. :-O!!! I just fainted woke up and fainted again. You have soo many amazing pieces. I worked in retail for several years and after year one, my closet and everything else started to look like the store lol. I LOVE what you have done with the scarf rack. …Did you sell the excess scarfs on ebay or something?

    One woman's trash = My treasure lol.

    Amazing post. I loved it!

    Maggie A

  2. That's similar to what I do with my jewelry. I need a system like that for my scarves though! Thanks for sharing!!

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