To Mommy’s little Mochi-ball… Rest in peace my angel, my first true love.

You were gifted to me on my 25th birthday. I will never forget your little brindle face peeking out of the camouflaged cardboard box you were hiding in. I lit up as your baby brown eyes pierced right through my soul and I knew in that instant, we were meant to share this incredible life together, year after year, from one milestone to the next.

We grew up together, you teaching me the meaning of unconditional love, me teaching you how to have your way with men, lol, namely your father. Your independence and strength shined through in moments of my weakness, you were my rock when I needed it most.  You are the most resilient soul I know, battling, then beating the big C through years of operations and surgeries, coming out fiercer each time as if nothing phased you.

You were the BEST big sister to Ebisu, then Musubi, as Mommy and Daddy find comfort knowing you and Bisu-butt are sunbathing in doggy heaven together right now.

Thank you my love for 13 extraordinary years together. I will never forget the warmth of your spirit nestled right there beside me, a worthy opponent silencing all of life’s difficulties. You have given me the strength to power through no matter what and for that I am eternally grateful for your love and devotion. We love you so much our little Monster Moch, may you rest in peace knowing the profound affect you had and will forever have in our lives. See you on the other side baby girl, xxx.

Love, Mommy, Daddy, & Musubi


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