T-minus 10 days until we head out to Tokyo guys!
I’ve always dreamed of visiting Japan during cherry blossom season.  Blushing petals falling from the sky while I twirl around and dance underneath pink moonlight…


 My neighborhood is bathed in the most beautiful foliage this time of year. These trees only bloom pink one month out
of the twelve.  But I swear for that one month, I’m seriously the sweetest, most amenable, most loving version of myself, lol.
 Something about a heart-happy hue that immediately changes my mood (as previously discussed HERE and HERE).


 Top: Vintage (similar HERE and HERE)
Knit: Zara
Clutch: Nordstrom (old similar HERE and HERE)
Sunnies: Juicy Couture
Shoes: BCBG (old similar HERE and HERE)
 I imagine Japan to look a little something like this next week… but magnified by 1000 with tons of temples and beautiful people in the background!!!
 I can’t help but be mesmerized and instantly transformed by nature’s finest display of seasonal change.
 I wonder how seeing the abundance of Japanese blossoms may change me after this trip?…
 One thing’s for certain: I’ll be richer from the experience and simply humbled by such beauty.




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