In this video I talk about all the trendy home decor pieces and furniture items that I have collected over the years and will keep forever!

Interior design is unfortunately a sometimes wasteful industry. Like fashion, it could be about the latest and greatest trends, but I try to be very mindful of my purchases and often go the extra mile to ask myself these key questions before bringing anything into my home: 

  • What do I love about the piece? 
  • Can it be repurposed, reused, or restyled from room to room? 
  • How does the piece feel timeless even if my style evolves? 

My goal is to get you to start thinking about these details the next time you’re shopping for home decor or furniture.  Your home should be a reflection of all the things that bring you joy, not what design magazines and social media encourages you to buy. 

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What are some pieces you have kept forever no matter how much your style has changed? Comment below, I’d love to hear it!



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