I am the self-professed Queen of organizing y’all.

From my closet, to the bedroom, the studio, and beyond, I’ve got systems on top of systems to check and balance this brain into a highly functioning method of order. I get to the point where I’m such a Nazi about structure that I’ve been known to organize things right outta its place, anyone else guilty of that?

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The Ultimate Travel Checklist

It’s so absurd but I swear it’s an ongoing addiction! I can’t tell ya how many times I’ve refined my ULTIMATE travel checklist, you know the one you scribble months/weeks/days/hours ahead of said travel time? I’ve got one for the tropical vacation, one for the ski/snow ones, I’ve even got the super-detailed, 2-page long ones for a measly 24-hour trip to Vegas with the girls. I know, I know, OCD much Julie? But my obsessive-compulsive need to get this checklist in order is where you benefit hunnies! Complete with my bonafide no-fail packing tips so you never have to ask: What am I going to wear???

Top 5 Tips to Stay Organized When Packing

Peep out my top 5 tips below and print out this handy-dandy packing list for your next vacation!

1) Lay out all potential ensembles side-by-side

I like to rock a myriad of colors on vacay, makes looking back at pictures much more vibrant and completely frame-worthy for gallery walls.

2) Select footwear and accessories to match

After laying out each ensemble, I try to select attire based on the repetition of shoes, at least 2 looks per sandal/boot/heel. Can you imagine how many luggages you’d need to rock a different pair every day? Consolidate as much as possible peeps!



3) Use Ziploc bags to pack jewelry

Haute tip: Don’t just throw a bunch of necklaces, bracelets, rings in a bag and call it day! Choose your jewelry based on EACH look and pack them in individual Ziploc pouches so they don’t tangle together. The clear view will also make them easier to retrieve when you’re in a rush.



4) Take a picture of each ensemble, tip to toe

Now that all your ensembles are finalized, snap a pic of the entire outfit and keep it stored on your phone. Once you’ve arrived at your travel destination, you can simply refer to the images for a complete day-to-night review of all the amazing looks you intend to rock! You’ll never forget which accessories go with which ensemble since they’re conveniently recorded right there on your phone!



5) Roll garments by ensemble

Next, you’re ready to roll! Lay out all items by ensemble and roll ‘em up hunnies! Not only will they stay wrinkle-free upon unpacking, you’ll also have TONS of room in the luggage for all the shopping you’ll do on holiday!

Below: My 10 outfits for day and 10 outfits for night ALL roll up into one half side of my entire luggage!


Do the same for your jammies and workout gear!

Extra tip

FINALLY, pack toiletries, makeup, and essentials in individual bags. The more singular bags you have within the luggage, the easier it’ll be to stuff them around your clothing. They take up more volume when grouped together so why not separate and take advantage of the filler space.


Extra Tip

Pack all apparel in the larger luggage and accessories in a smaller one. I find it easier to locate items once they’ve been separated by category. Use individual cloth bags to store your shoes so they don’t scratch!

EFFICIENCY is key when it comes to packing y’all!
Hope this makes your next vacation stress free since you’ve got the packing part down pat!

…and as an ADDED BONUS you can download my ULTIMATE travel checklist below and print it out before your next vacation! You’ll never forget a single item again!

DOWNLOAD this checklist HERE

Awww, too bad my pup Musubi couldn’t come along!
Missing this lil face more than words can say!


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  1. This is the best travelling tips post I have ever read! My jaw literally dropped when I saw that the outfits only took so little space! Love it love it love it and can't thank you enough for this post! I'm exactly opposite to organized – I'm messy as hell! 😉 Love. Karola.

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