Happy 1st Day of Summer y’all!

So excited to announce that we’re leaving for our honeymoon this weekend woOoHoOoo!!!
It’s only taken us a mere 6 months after getting hitched back in January to plan this vacation and while I toyed with tropical locales (for him), cultural foodie destinations (for me), we finally settled on the best of both worlds… Europe here we come!
It’s going to be the most fabulous 15 days of fun in the sun, sex in the city, and of course, eating our way through every nook and cranny!  Our first leg takes us to the exotic beaches of Côte d’Azur from celebrity hotspot St. Tropez down the coast to Cannes, Antibes, Nice, and Villefranche-sur-Mer where I’m sure to get my tan on.  Colorful frocks, pom-poms, and the obligatory off-the-shoulder action spells seaside glamour to me!
I actually started planning this trip thinking the quiet countryside of Aix-en-Provence is what I imagined our honeymoon would entail, but who are we kidding? We want to be surrounded by the pulsating summer beats of Europe in all its beach party glory, the vibrant nightlife that ensues, and the throngs of locals and tourists we’re sure to meet and greet all over town.

I’ve been in total party mode lately, knowing full well I’ll be settled into baby-making mode at summer’s end, lol.  Definitely gotta get it outta my system so the festivities don’t end on the French Riviera y’all, we’ll be untzing our way over to Amsterdam mid-trip then back to Paris to satiate my ever-growing appetite for Pierre-Hermes’ famous macarons… Ooh la, come to mama!
Ahhhh, vacation mode in 5 days baby!   This honeymoon can’t come soon enough!




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