It’s Valentine’s week on the blog, which means TONS of décor and craft ideas for all you luvahhhs out there.

This time last year, my girlfriends and I threw a Valentine’s themed baby shower for one of my besties filled to the brim with pink hearts and red roses, ombré cakes and festive runners, and of course yummy treats that simply scream L-O-V-E!

How to DIY Ombré Table Runner

Purchase white, pinks, and red crepe streamers at your local dollar or party store. Run a strip of clear packing tape at 2-3 staggered points on your table, sticky side up. Lay out the streamers side by side right over the tape and try to overlay them so there’s no gaps. Decorate with petals and floral arrangements…






How to Make Your Own Flower Arrangements

I love little arrangements that incorporate natural foliage like branches and leafy greens along with pink and red roses. I found some foam and felt heart pickers at the dollar store and added those for some texture along with the florals.


The paper heart baskets were from Target’s $1 section, the red glass vases can be found at Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store

For more Valentine’s Day décor inspiration see original post HERE.

Come back later this week for more Valentine’s craft ideas!



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