We’re 3 years into a global pandemic and I don’t know about you, but nowadays I want my interior to feel like a big, warm embrace!

More time spent indoors means we’re scrutinizing our spaces more than ever. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and grounded, so naturally these key aspects influenced a lot of our decorating and design decisions last year. I’m happy to report that some of these same themes will continue to dominate interior design trends in 2022.

If you’re looking for Interior design trends that have staying power this year and beyond, this post is for you!


Antique and Vintage Furniture

1. Rococo Gold Mirror https://bit.ly/3t70GbX

2. Danish Dining Chairs in Teak https://bit.ly/32WmtZn 

3. Antique Louis XVI Marble Top Sideboard https://bit.ly/3FiPUSJ

4. Fresh Leather Club Chair https://bit.ly/3HNsJRX

5. Apothecary Cabinet https://bit.ly/3JPGj9g

6. 1940s Vintage Swedish Velvet Sofa https://bit.ly/3qVegMV

Natural Stone Tables

1. Babylon Torrento Round Small Table https://bit.ly/3F1a0QZ

2. Travertine Coffee Table https://bit.ly/3naS4NI

3. Round Coffee Table https://bit.ly/3zCrLoG 

4. Travertine Dining Table https://bit.ly/3fhz3FQ 

5. Travertine Top/Brass Base Dining Table https://bit.ly/3n8t8Xo

6. Travertine Side Table/Stool https://bit.ly/3n53675

Warm Neutrals

1. Beige Striped Pillow https://bit.ly/3t5O1WV

2. Area Rug – Taupe and Natural https://bit.ly/3JQDWTD 

3. Velvet Bed https://bit.ly/31ER39b

4. Dining Chair https://bit.ly/3HQ96IP

5. Sofa https://bit.ly/3taRrry

6. Velvet Accent Chair https://bit.ly/3rjiwGv

Maximalist Prints and Trim

1. Mixed Pattern Chair https://bit.ly/3qYYK2O 

2. Patterned Wallpaper https://bit.ly/3G9yvNv

3. Modern Upholstered Pink Slipper Pair of Chairs https://bit.ly/3HIRtKZ

4. Antique Floral Napoleon III Crapaud/Chauffeuse Chair https://bit.ly/3Gaqzva

5. Artwork https://bit.ly/31CNwbp

6. Patterned Pillow https://bit.ly/3zEf9xg

Arched and Curved furniture, Ribbed and Fluted Casegoods

1. Fluted Dresser https://bit.ly/3G9dlyO 

2. Sonali Oval Coffee Table https://bit.ly/3r0ThIv 

3. Alair Fluted Storage Trunk https://bit.ly/3322N6h

4. Accent Chair https://bit.ly/3t7SFUc 

5. Curved Sectional https://bit.ly/3GjgrAg

6. Storage Cabinet https://bit.ly/3zAEAzX 

Plaster and Limewash Wall Treatments

1. Light Gray Limewash https://bit.ly/3zDfxML

2. Linen Limewash https://bit.ly/33l9lwU

3. Cracked Plaster Wallpaper https://bit.ly/3f7c5jN 

4. Nude Taupe Texture Wallpaper https://bit.ly/3t8q6Gh 

5. Dusty Pink Peel and Stick Wallposter https://bit.ly/3t6bOpL

6. Sand Beige Peel and Stick Plaster Paper https://bit.ly/3q4myTA

Biophilic Design

1. Large Planters https://bit.ly/3zDixbZ

2. Area Rug https://bit.ly/3qUFenY 

3. Counter Stool https://bit.ly/3HJz3da

4. Hook Rack https://bit.ly/3HNWuSM

5. Pot with Double Handles https://bit.ly/3Gbimai

6. Bedding https://bit.ly/331NBGf


Chairish https://bit.ly/3JR8q84

1st Dibs https://bit.ly/32Rj4Ly

Etsy https://bit.ly/318K99r

eBay https://bit.ly/2JmfcaY

One Kings Lane Vintage https://bit.ly/3HJYNGh

Apartment Therapy Bazaar https://bit.ly/3zLx317

Cover Image: Jane Hallworth

Are there any trends that I missed in my list? Let me know in the comments below!



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