I am so excited to be breaking down my TOP 10 tips for where to splurge vs. where to save your money when it comes to interior design and decoration.

Over 16 years experience in the industry and there’s one thing I know for sure: Always splurge on items that are one-of-a-kind, made well, and can be taken with you when you move from home to home.


0:50 Handmade or Artisan

2:46 Contractor vs. Finished Materials

6:25 Sofa vs. Accessories

8:07 Dining Table vs. Chairs

9:20 Hardware vs. Cabinetry

10:40 Area Rug vs. Carpet

12:20 Wood Flooring vs. Tile Flooring

14:04 Mattress vs. Bed Frame

15:46 Light Fixture vs. Light Bulb

17:52 Drapery Panels vs. Hardware

Cover Image: Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects


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Comment below and let me know if you agree or disagree with my tips!



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