Ahhh the many benefits of being your own boss…

It’s been almost 10 years since I worked in an actual office and there’s not a day that goes by that I miss that corporate life. Of course there’s many aspects I reminisce about like designing huge international projects, my amazing co-workers turned friends, teamwork, work trips, happy hour lol but the day-to-day 9-5 schedule was just killer.  Especially for a creative daydreamer like myself who spends all afternoon wanderlusting; who has time to innovate anything during office hours? hahah

I never sought out to work from home, but Julie Khuu Interior Design | JKID has yet to scale in a way where I require office space.  Some days are spent running around meeting clients and vendors and others I’m home conceptualizing designs, blogging, and glued to the computer. I’m actually in the process of converting my garage to my new art studio.  It’s currently storage for all the furniture I hoard that one day will be used for potential clients.  Or so I tell myself in my head. lol (Future YouTube vid for the complete studio haul, stay tuned!)

Top 7 Tips on How to Stay Motivated

Without a dedicated office, it’s really easy to stay in my pajamas all day and cuddle with the pups. So here are my TOP 7 TIPS to stay motivated while you work from anywhere.

  1. Create task lists

I can’t stress this enough (previously posted HERE). If you don’t have a list, you won’t feel accomplished while checking them off one by one. This list will keep you honest.

  1. Surround yourself with uplifting messages and positive quotes

I always share messages from my page-a-day calendars with you guys in my Insta-stories. Currently I have “You are a Badass” and “Be You” boxed calendars on my desk. When I’m feeling lazy and lethargic, I flip through the calendars (yes, even out of order) and stop only when I find a quote that resonates at the moment to lift me right back up.

  1. Designate “office hours”

This one’s for those who work better on a schedule. If you’re prone to cleaning house, answering emails, channel surfing, getting distracted, you can stay on track by allocating a certain number of hours in the day for work. If you’re a morning person, these hours can be 8am-1pm, break for lunch, and get right back at it from 3pm- dinnertime.  Being honest with your work habits will help you figure out if you need a strict schedule or not.

  1. Take breaks

Trust, when I’m in the zone, I can stay at my computer all friggin’ day. But you need to get up from where you’re typing and stretch. Grab a glass of water. Take the dogs for a walk. Wander around and get the blood moving through your veins. Your mind and body will thank you for the rest. Even if just for 5 minutes.

  1. Dress up

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been known to stay in lounge clothes all day, sans makeup, and bare-faced. BUT the difference is, I’ve mastered staying motivated so this tip is really more for YOU based on how much it has helped me in the past.

  1. If you don’t dress up, at least put some makeup on

You don’t need a full-fledged, supah-glam beat to stay motivated, but the act of adding just lipstick is known to fuel those creative juices. Or so I’ve read from my fashion magazines, lol.

  1. Have fun!!!

I mean, you’re working from anywhere when you could be stuck in an office all day! You could be working at the beach, your favorite café, your go-to museum, at the park, skies the limit, how amazing is that?!  When you take a moment to reflect on all you’re grateful for like being your own boss and creating your own hours, you subconsciously trigger those serotonin levels that help you stay productive and motivated.

Of course I’ve been VERY fortunate to maintain a steady list of clients that keep JKID busy, so until that day comes and work runs dry, you can find me right here guys. With a piping hot cup of tea in one hand and my pups in the other. Beyond blessed for this life!

For all my creatives that work from anywhere, how do you stay motivated when you’re your own boss? Comment below! I’d love to get your tips!



  1. Great tips. It’s actually hard to stay motivated when working from home, one of the reasons maybe because nobody is watching you. Good to know you’re working for yourself. You have a nice space, I’m drawn to the arts on the wall.


    • Julie Khuu Reply

      Thanks so much Mercy! I have to stay on top of it or I’d spend all day Netflix and chillin! Lol

    • Julie Khuu Reply

      Me more than them Heather! lol Have a fabulous weekend love!

  2. Indeed, a little motivation can go a long way! Sometimes, all I need is an inspiring quote to get myself moving. You look lovely dear, your hair is simply gorgeous!
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    • Julie Khuu Reply

      Thanks Jess! But YOU are MAJOR hair goals babe!!

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