I’m normally a super smiley person.

I don’t take life too seriously (although minor tantrums prove otherwise), I chuckle at all my own jokes (regardless of wit or humor, or lack thereof), and my laugh lines run so deep you’d think I’d have buried the secret to eternal youth up in that mug.
When the bf snaps these shots, I’m all business, no pleasure. I look back at archived posts and it’s such a rarity to find pics of me partying it up, instead of studio posing like I’m so super serio yo.
When my gfs snap these shots, I get such a kick outta them decoding the Nikon’s many bells and whistles, I can’t help but spit laughter from my nostrils and cackles from my teeth.
My girls truly are the most amusing bunch and I can’t wait to spend this entire weekend a-hootin’ and a-hollerin’ with them in Vegas as we celebrate Annie’s last bash before the crash (aka her bachelorette party)! Here we are at her prim and proper bridal shower before we go balls out GIRLS GONE WILD tomorrow. Can’t wait for y’all to see the disparity in pics hehe
On me: Vintage dress/belt/scarf (tied on bag), Arden B. sandals, Macy’s headband, F21 necklace/rings, YSL Arty Ovale Ring, Gifted floral resin bracelet (thx Panda!), Banana Republic Chain link bracelet, Marshall’s bag.
On Annie: BCBG dress, Aldo shoes
I truly believe that rainbows shoot skittles from the sky only to land in my arms. How else can you explain the candy-colored bevy of beauties that I’m constantly surrounded by?! So much more than grateful to have shared in so many momentous milestones girls!!! Here’s to the start of one crazy summer together! CONGRATULATIONS ANNIE!!! Love you dahling, but you’re going down this weekend!!!


  1. What a lovely (and incredibly fashionable) group of women you ladies are! Looks like a fab time! Enjoy Vegas! I was just there two weekends ago and it was HOTTT so hit up some pool parties! I recommend Wet Republic.


  2. oh my i love this post, we don't know bridal tea parties but it looks like so much fun and i love the fact that you all look gorgeous and are so dressed up! the jewelry overdose is insane and i completely love it! your shoes are the bomb, hope you had an amazing time

  3. LOVE your dress. ohmygosh its just like the one in pretty women, and i hope you know what I'm talking about cause its amazing! if not you should look it up 🙂

    Style Interplay

    <3 <3 love love love

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