Do y’all remember THIS shower that I threw to welcome Baby Blake to the world?

Baby Lifestyles Magazine was waiting for the perfect time to feature the nature-inspired fête and seeing as how spring was so predictable, they opted to showcase it for the fall season instead.

Where pink and green ruled the bash, you can easily swap out the colors to incorporate rich tones of coppers, golds, auburn, and oranges for fall.

I always strive to source various décor elements that can also work within the home. Here, tea-cup filled terrariums can be reused to house your daily dose of coffee. Wicker balls and DIY-yarn spheres can double as your baby’s new mobile dangling overhead from the crib.

No matter what your budget or style, remember to decorate the bash as you’d decorate your home so the look melds seamlessly from shindig to shelter. Now that’s what I call upcycling!
Thanks again to Lauren Halperin, editor in chief of Baby Lifestyles magazine for another amazing feature!

Catch Jaxon’s rockin’ hula luau baby shower HERE and tell me, which bash suits your style better?
Thanks for reading!
Happy Monday my loves!


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