If you know me (as I’m sure most of you do), I NEVER, NEVER joke about two central situations:

1) Food on an empty stomach
2) Shopping on a mission
Which sucks for the bf because he’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS on the receiving end of either the former or the latter on any given day. Poor thing had no idea what he got himself into as I literally dragged him (on foot mind you) through as many as 6 different arrondissements in one full day of hunting down thingamabobs and whatchamacallits. Tough thing is I almost never look for anything specific, but always run around the city searching for that one specific thing.


Which meant trekking through downpour in the slums of Montmartre (there’s no such thing to me, but a local would lead you towards the way), discounted bins in Bastille and Republique, open-air markets down Montorgueil and Marais, and finally settling down for sweet-somethings in Saint Germain before taking the M6 back home towards the Nation for naptime. {I snuck in seeing Sacre Coeur so he wouldn’t think we were shopping ALL dang day ;D} And that was just Saturday dude. Phew! I’m exhausted simply recounting the excursion.


Marché aux Puces de Clignancourt aka “Les Puces”

140 Rue des Rosiers, Saint-Ouen

Boasting the largest antique flea market in the world, I literally mapped out our entire excursion around Les Puces de St. Quen. I was ready to shop ’til I dropped but my confidence quickly subsided as many shopkeepers don’t speak a bargain’s worth of English, especially up against a professional negotiator like myself…I was sooooo bummed to have bought nothing and am still dreaming about that 50lb. 12″ gold deerhead I left behind…but DEF an experience to say the least…There are nearly 3000, yes 3-friggin-thousand stalls and shops to choose from…Double-decker interior mall outfitted with everything from vintage designer clothing to first edition novels to 18th century portraits and paintings…you name it…the French are on it…there’s even a super convenient shipping post towards the front end of this mega-mall…too bad I started at the rear end and didn’t discover it until I left..booooo!..MUST GO BACK..*repeats to self*
Breaking for pix on the way to Village St-Paul
I love how around every street corner, there’s some fantasy of a set design I could only dream up in my head…naturally we stopped and I did my best Blue Steel ;D

Vintage Shopping

Free ‘P’ Star

I spent over 2 hours rummaging through the racks of this teeny tiny jam-packed gem of a salvation shop in Marais. Left with an armful of goodies, a killer leather/suede/sweater combo jacket for the boy, and tons of money left to spare….which sent me to their sister location down the street- A total hit!
8 rue Ste-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie and second location (formerly Ziba) 61 Rue Verrerie
other notable mentions….
Vintage Heaven…Women’s used goods in the front, Men’s in the back, and a meeting of the minds in the middle…stocking boutique brands of trendy new duds so those with an aversion to dead man’s clothing can have the option. Snagged a cute little leather messenger for 16euros…Pretty affordable, totally worth the time…Bonus points for the English-speaking staff.
64 Rue Tiquetonne, Paris
Totally funky, totally hipster dive shop…The owner is a super-cool looking retro cross between Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison…I didn’t make a purchase but was intrigued nonetheless.
32, rue des Rosiers, in the 4th
15×15 sq.ft of space times 2…one side for women’s + men’s, directly across the street men’s only…approx. 10 different unopened bags of used clothing and accessories lining the floor…one of our first stops so I didn’t take the time to rummage, but now regretting that I didn’t…the most inexpensive of the bunch ranging from 1euro for a hat/scarf to 40euros for a chemise/robe/dress.
56, rue de la Roquette, 11th
Was it worth it you ask? Not that I purchased anything of essential note in Paris *boooo*, but I’m now your bonafide tour guide through shopping à la salvation (Frenchie term for thrift) in the city that stocks secondhand fur like Yo Mama stocks fish sauce in the fridge…which is copious amounts for those in the know…musty stench conveniently included.
*Today I’m thankful for Mom’s chicken and fish noodle soup for dinner…aka Hũ tiéu gà cá…nothing like some good ol’ Viet broth after having devoured over 20 french macarons within the last 24 hours…omg ima heifer but ohso worth it*
Be sure to check in tomorrow for all the Good Eats!!!..I know, I know…finally some FOOD!


  1. The vintage shopping looks like so much fun! Must show me your 18euro findings… must be a special peice to make the cut!

  2. Omg I love this post! It's so great to find real insight on new areas and places people loved on their travels!

    Thank you for sharing!

    HM Hippie

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