While the bf OD’ed on Zara and Mango, I made my way through the Gothic Quarter sniffing out second hand goodies like a government canine in Columbia.

My drug of choice? Shoes, what else?
Thank god for my heightened sense of smell (and of course Google maps), I was able to track down the best in vintage shopping, a bomb.com bakery, and a cafe/chocolatier all within a few blocks from one another and our last dinner stop for the evening.

The best boutiques are conveniently located in the Barri Gotic on adjacent streets…my fave finds situated on Calle Riera Baixa…

Calle Riera Baixa

11, 08001 Barcelona, Spain, 934 419 994


Riera Baixa, 20, 08001 Barcelona, Spain, 934 413 749
Riera Baixa, 13, 08001 Barcelona, Spain


Moo Restaurant, Hotel Omm

Finally, Catalan cava that I’ve been hearing sooo much about!…Tastes like Prosecco, super dry yet naturally sweet…best part of the meal if you ask me…
Steak Tartar with mustard ice cream…yup, a dollop of mustard ice cream in the center and a schmear of Spanish spices on the side…Eh, nobody makes tartare better than Buddakan NYC baby
Chilled foie gras, freshly cut figs, and homemade compote on the side…I wasn’t kidding when I said the boy wanted foie at EVERY meal…this was my least favorite one and I generally loves me some fatty liver…just not at Moo my friends…not in the least bit spreadable as intended…We ended up chocking chunkfuls along with the fig…Too big for a bite in my opinion…
Fried egg with “sobrasada” porcini mushrooms and asparagus…Recommended by the waittress, lauded by the locals…I don’t see the fuss…How hard is it to make sunny-side up eggs taste good?…Or should I say how easy it was for Moo to make it taste bad…Boooooo for Moooooo
That night, as I pondered the day’s adventures through Parc Guëll and Barri Gotic, I slept knowing that finagling my way to a 50€ pair of gently-worn Italian boots would always leave me more satisfied than tooty-fruity Michelin star dining. Which cost double my find, but minus the fun.
*Grateful to have put over 15 years of bargain-basement hunting to great use…I spent less on this trip apparel shopping than I normally do at TJ Maxx…so sad, but true*
Come back tomorrow for the best eats in Barcelona guys….I saved the best for last!!!


  1. WOW!!! My mouth is watering and I don't mean over the food. Oh wait…that too! These lil Vintage shops appear to give a very personal experience. Can always count on you to find all the cool stops & shops. Until our girl's Europe trip together… I will dream about future adoptions for the closet…lead the way! Also, you looked like you fit right in with the Vintage District! You have a great sense of style Juby Doll face!!!

  2. Yeah, they were all super cute, very vintage so wayyy overpriced…If you won't spend $8.99 for a dress at Goodwill, you surely won't spend 40euros for the same thing there…Plus they were closing early so I was rushing through the entire street..those boots were from my last stop 😀

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