This entire past month has been all about the bride.

Bachelorette parties, get-togethers, showers and soirées, one fun-filled fête after another…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
{From top to bottom} Me with my darling bride-to-be, Custom-made cake and dessert bar from the fabulous Taylor of Taylor Cake Creations, Princess crowns to channel your inner Audrey, modeling 101 y’all, Romantic and frilly table decor, Personalized chocolates courtesy of Panda and co.- so cute!
Girls scrapbooking memories for our Panda, Pearlized cake pops and more personalized lollipops, Who knew cake pops could double as maracas?…Minus the sound of course ;D, Detail ruffled bodice, Blinged out bowfront of cake detail, Vintage brooches attached to a modern day platform, Inspiration image of this iconic shot of Ms. Hepburn, the gang’s all here!
Event design: The bridal party
Cake and dessert table: Taylor Cake Creations
Sorry for the photobomb y’all! I really do LOVE my gals and as you can see, been spending every waking moment with them! You really do cherish your girls as they get married off and you’re the last one standing!
p.s. I’m holding out for as LONG as I can ;D ….so don’t ask!


  1. Omg look so fancy and nice for a meal! Seems like you girls are having so much fun!

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