‘Tis the season for festive holiday parties and fabulous gift exchanges!

I truly do lalalaLOVE this time of year guys.  I mean who doesn’t wish for yuletide greetings all year ‘round when peeps are truly at their most gracious and giving??

“Our Favorite Things” Gift Tradition

My high school girlfriends and I have been celebrating our annual Christmas get-togethers for years now so a simple Secret Santa gift exchange just doesn’t cut it any longer, lol.  From a quick and painless drawing of names, to the more developed approach of DIY prezzies, we have since moved on to presenting “Our Favorite Things” the Oprah-inspired method of gifting items that rank high on our hit list.  Yup, it’s our own personal way of challenging our thought-invoked gifting skills.  Over-achieve much girls? hahahah
Be it things we use in our everyday lives, things we just cannot live without, or things we randomly come across that we want to share with our friends, no item is out of the question here…
Annie, our resident Emmy-award winning ESPN pro-sports producer ALWAYS thinks of the most personalized gifts each year! Did you know that you can make photo albums out of your Facebook and Instagram accounts?  All your memories bound in a hard-cover book to treasure for years to come! Seeing your life in print is on a whole ‘notha level hunnies.  Friggin’ BRILLIANT and I must admit, one of the BEST gifts I’ve ever received!  Get your very own “My Social Book” HERE  
 Loanny is our little corporate powerhouse.  With a crazy travel schedule rivaling your typical flight attendant, this chick is on the road more often than she is at home.  So of course, travel essentials are what tops her list of favorite things.   Fancy schmancy Bose earphones whaaaaaatttt?!!! High quality, noise cancelling sound delivered right to your ears. All the better to work out/ take calls/ and listen to music on the go!  Get your BOSE earbuds HERE

 Jenny is simply SUPERMOM.  Working 9-5, tending to her 2 young tots, all the while looking FAB and feeling fresh, I can always count on Jen for simple solutions to life’s little pickles.  Like how to get your ‘do dolled up in a flash with THE BEST and quickest heating hair curler on the market! I swear I haven’t using a curling iron in ages but here goes nothing hunnies! I’m feeling uber-glam already! ;D  Get your Hot Tools Professional product HERE

 Linh is the Sr. licensing director for Sanrio Lifestyle Brand.  She takes annual trips to Tokyo and always ALWAYS comes back with the coolest Japanese gadgets and gizmos that we simply swoon after.  She’s introduced me to countless products that I have come to since adopt into my everyday routine. Some international, some domestic like Urban Decay’s NAKED eyeshadow palette, no matter what Linh endorses, I’m on board!  Get your Naked Palette HERE.

From makeup to tech gadgets, from eatable snacks to personalized photo books who doesn’t love finding new and notable products that have already garnered the highest of ratings from your very best friends?

 I took a bit of a different approach to this year’s gifting…

Breaking down my basket into | MIND | BODY | SPIRIT | subcategories I really wanted to gift the girls items that ignite simple passions I have for my life.  Page-a-day desktop calendar to start the days off with inspirational quotes and life-affirming anecdotes… Drug-store products that I use daily with multi-purpose beauty hacks… And of course the mecca of all gifting with gratitude, Oprah’s 20th Anniversary DVD box set.

That box set’s truly got me through some tough times I gotta tell ya.  Even if you’re not a fan of Oprah the icon per se, it’s the human interest stories from 2 decades of her show that’s left the most lasting impressions.  An oldie but goodie, I am who I am because of everything Oprah has taught me! Seriously, lol…I know it’s a bit extreme but hey! I’m an extremely spiritual person what can I say???

Get your PAGE-A-DAY “Inspire” Calendar HERE
Get your copy of Oprah’s 20th Anniversary DVDs HERE

So if you’re outta ideas for what to gift your loved ones this year, try filling up a goody bag of all YOUR favorite things! It doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be a bunch of essentials that you can find at your local market.  With millions of items littered between the aisles, there’s bound to be something no one’s ever heard of before!

 Let your imagination run wild my loves!   Trust, your friends will THANK YOU for the introduction and who knows, your gift might just make it into THEIR favorite things for next year!

Come back later this week for my roundup of the BEST DIY gifts you can make just in time for Christmas!




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