When’s the last time you gave your closet a good, clean purge?

I am one of those girls who purge regularly. I love the idea of OUT with the old and IN with the new. It’s the BEST way to recreate different versions of myself simply with a change of an outfit.

Don’t you want to walk into your closet and LOVE everything you own?

Don’t you want clothes that flatter you from all angles?

Don’t you want to design your own personalized boutique from any size closet, big or small?

If you answered YES to any of those questions above, this post is for YOU!

This week on the blog and my Youtube channel we are tackling ALL your questions about how to clean out your closet, how to design the closet of your dreams, and all the fabulous ways you can personalize your closet so you can get dressed everyday with confidence and ease!

I am the closet QUEEN honey! Been organizing my baby closet, my big girl one, to my studio apartment, all my friend’s closets (that let me, lol), and now in our current home I converted a guest room into my own personal boutique.  If I weren’t an interior designer I would probably be a professional organizer, no joke! I LOVE to organize! So much so that I am dedicating an ENTIRE YouTube series to Storage and Organization TIPS! Eeeeek!!!! I have SO many tips to share I can hardly hold it all in!!!

Remember this post when I first talked about organizing your closet?

What to Purge | What to Keep

Before we get into designing and styling, we must get rid of everything that no longer serves our version of our HIGHEST SELF. Your highest self is who you AIM to be. Your future self, your personal best, the girl you WANT to become even though deep down inside you already ARE her. But now you need to look and feel like her to make magic happen so the first step is aligning your outer presence with your inner warrior.

Here are THREE simple questions I ask myself before keeping or purging items from my closet.

  1. Does this fit me? (The CURRENT you, not freshman high school you honey) If you are not going to be honest with yourself, I suggest you read this post before diving into the sometimes stressful act of letting go.
  2. Does this flatter me? (From ALL angles) If it doesn’t flatter you, guess what? You’ll never feel like your HIGHEST self with ill-fitting clothes! Ask yourself this question BEFORE buying clothes as well; it will reduce the amount of items you have to purge from your closet down the road.
  3. Have I worn it in the last year? If you have not worn it in the last year (ish), chances are the piece does not call out to you. You know what I mean. It sits there in your closet, right NEXT to the pieces you wear over and over, except that it doesn’t speak to you. It’s not calling out to you to say… Hey girl! Wear me! Rock me!… You pass it by day in, day out, because why???? The answer is most likely a combination of no. 1 and no. 2. Amirite?

Keep it REAL boo! Be honest with yourself and stop wasting precious real estate in your not-big-enough closet anyways and start the purge! You will be one step closer to your most authentic HIGHEST self in no time at all!  Doesn’t that sound grand?


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Coming up: Everything you’ve wanted to know about designing your DREAM CLOSET!!!

Tell me, what’s the biggest problem you have when it comes to your closet?

Not enough storage space? Don’t know the correct ways to hang and store your garments? Can’t keep it organized?

Comment below and I’ll answer all your questions babes!



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