While the French Riviera is filled with ahhmazing views, perfectly lukewarm climate, and complete lush vegetation, I can arguably admit that the small town of Èze trumps them ALL! 

Well, Èze with St. Paul de Vence coming in a very  close second.  At the height of the most monumental cliff on the Cote d’Azur, you can spot Èze Village and its terra cotta colored tiled roofs, the steep rocky paths, and the allure of a quaint Provincial town a mile away.


Once you venture through the narrow streets to one-way only detours where midday traffic has everyone clamoring for a parking spot, you’re met with the most entrancing gated castle beckoning you to explore what’s in store knowing full well it’s worth it in this crowd.  Charming, verdant, and filled with natural curiosities at 400 meters above the ocean, it’s like Èze was carved out of a cliff just to overlook the sea.


Just beyond the mid-cliff climb awaits the lush Le Jardin Exotique d’Eze, with even more priceless views of Èze ironically costing you a fixed price of 12 euros per person just to gain access.  Which I’d gladly donate double the amount for the upkeep of this astonishing vista point.  The most impressive collection of exotic succulent species all cohabitating amongst African, American, Mediterranean and other native European varieties of plants.


Like most of medieval Europe, passageways of Èze Village are lined with centuries old cobblestone.  So while your hautest kicks may look the best on these beaten paths, rest assured the long, winding roads up steep hills, over rocky terrain, and back down again will be very challenging in sky high heels.  Pack a second pair of comfy flats and make sure you direct yo boo to only shoot from the waist up! lol Unless they’re of course [flats] meant to be snapped; then you planned ahead, well played my friend.


Reserve a meal at the famous Chateau Eza Restaurant and allow breathtakiing views from the highest point of the Cote d’Azur to rival
that of your expertly crafted lunch.  Prix fixe is pretty standard in these parts, averaging 80 euros pp, not bad for 5 courses served at 400 meters in the sky.   So high there was even a helicopter pad in direct linear view from us beginning its launch.  Can you imagine? Making your own private helicopter down the coast to St. Tropez just to party for the night and return right at sunrise?  Ahhhhh C’est la vie indeed!!

Thanks for reading loves! 

Be sure to come back this Friday for Food Porn! Yup, you guessed it! At Chateau Eza…. Omg salivating just thinkin’ about it…




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