I’m on a roll y’all! First Desire to Inspire, now this?

Remember Jaxon’s Rockin’ Hula Baby Shower Luau that I hosted and designed HERE? Well, when BabyLifestyles Magazine contacted me a few months ago to feature this “unconventional” baby-themed party I was really over the moon!
Who knew party planning for my closest gal pals would turn into a full live editorial feature?…AND in a baby magazine no less?!!

If y’all know me (personally or not), you’d know that babies are the LAST thing on my mind…but parties are the FIRST! At least I’ve got my priorities straight, right?! BIG Thank you to Lauren Halperin for the fabulous feature and Betty Lang of Vanda events for capturing our soirée in style!

Read the full feature and catch the late summer edition of Baby Lifestyles Magazine HERE (featured on pgs. 104-117)
Thanks for reading y’all! 


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