We are back with another episode of Feng Shui basic guides- today is all about the bedroom.

When you have good chi in the bedroom, it brings happiness and positivity into everything that you do. Feng shui success in the bedroom starts with the correct bed placement, then takes into consideration balance, symmetry, and harmony. Whatever you do, avoid my top 12 taboos at all costs to bring good chi into the bedroom.

Feng Shui is all about energy and the art of spatial alignment. It illustrates how everything within your domain has its own intrinsic energy that can be auspicious and beneficial, but may also be harmful energy that can affect your spirit and well-being. My goal from this series is to help you become more mindful of your home and show you how to create beautiful spaces that are functional, inspired, and most importantly, make you feel good!

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What space do you want to see next in this series? Comment below!



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