Coming from the girl who SWORE that she would never EVER EVER get married…
I’d say 1 month is a BIG OL’ DEAL! Lol

But in all seriousness… I sure do LOVE being his wife <3

Happy 1 month Anniversary my love!  Cheers to US!




  1. Congrats and have an amazing married life Julie! I too since I was young still don't feel I need to be married to be happy but I don't have it written off but definitely always jump to defend people who don't want to be…but if we change our minds and if we feel like it's right, that's great! Your dress looked amazing too! That's something I do love about weddings, the dresses! Hah!

  2. Beautiful photo! What a lovely husband and wife you both make
    Many congratulations on your first married month, and many many more to come

    What Raj Wants

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